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Copyright Notice

This page has information about general copyright restrictions that apply to the material that is available through the PubMed Central Canada (PMC Canada) site.

All of the material available from the PMC Canada site is provided by the respective publishers or authors. Almost all of it is protected by Canadian and/or foreign copyright laws, even though PMC Canada provides free access to it. The respective copyright holders retain rights for reproduction, redistribution and reuse. Users of PMC Canada are directly and solely responsible for compliance with copyright restrictions and are expected to adhere to the terms and conditions defined by the copyright holder. Transmission, reproduction, or reuse of protected material is subject to copyright.

Copyright Statements in PMC Canada

Articles and other material in PMC Canada usually include an explicit copyright statement. In the absence of a copyright statement, users should assume that standard copyright protection applies, unless the article contains an explicit statement to the contrary. In case of doubt, contact the journal publisher to verify the copyright status of an article.

Restrictions on Systematic Downloading of Articles

Crawlers and other automated processes may NOT be used to systematically retrieve batches of articles from the PMC Canada web site. Bulk downloading of articles from the main PMC Canada web site, in any way, is prohibited because of copyright restrictions.