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3.  Letter: MLAA renewal. 
PMCID: PMC198834  PMID: 4462691
5.  A comment on another core list. 
PMCID: PMC198802  PMID: 4466511
6.  MEDLINE Evaluation Study 
MEDLINE (MEDLARS-ON-LINE) is the new on-line, interactive bibliographic searching system which was recently developed by the National Library of Medicine. The system provides users with lists of bibliographical citations and other information from a three-year file of over 1,250 biomedical journals. A survey testing user reactions was conducted at the University of Virginia Medical Library. The results of the survey are based on replies by 246 users who requested one or more MEDLINE searches between September 1972 and March 1973. The findings indicate that over 93% believe that MEDLINE is a substantial improvement over the traditional methods of searching through the printed indexes. These respondents also stated that the results of MEDLINE searches had assisted them in their clinical or research work, or both. Asked whether they would continue to use MEDLINE after the imposition of user charges on July 1, 1973, about 75% said that they would. The remaining 25% expressed some reservations and doubts. The survey gives reason to believe that with the imposition of user charges the use of MEDLINE will decline.
PMCID: PMC198743  PMID: 4812588
10.  Special Programs in Medical Library Education, 1957-1971: Part IV. Career Characteristics of Two Groups of Medical Librarians *† 
This final report compares career characteristics of former trainees employed in medical libraries in 1971 with those of another group of professional medical librarians who did not enter medical librarianship from special training programs. Career characteristics include career advancement (position level, number of people supervised, salary level), professional utilization (tasks perforṁed), and professional activity (association memberships and offices, number of journals read, continuing education activity). The comparison of characteristics for the two groups showed many similarities. A major difference appeared in the career advancement comparison. For the former trainees, economic advancement seems less dependent on upward movement in line positions. This suggests the possibility of two career tracks available to them.
PMCID: PMC198828  PMID: 4462688
11.  Special Programs in Medical Library Education, 1957-1971: Part III. The Trainees *† 
This report describes the personal characteristics of the former trainees and their opinions about their training program experiences.
More of the degree program trainees were under thirty (71%) than was the case with the internship program trainees (45%). The male-female ratio for each of the two groups is approximately 1:4. Approximately 60% of the degree program trainees entered their training with majors in the natural or health sciences, while less than 50% of the total group hold degrees in the natural or health sciences.
Slightly less than 60% of the total group of trainees were employed in medical libraries in 1971. However, 68.5% of the internship program trainees as compared to 46.0% of the degree program trainees held positions in medical libraries. The reasons cited most often for leaving medical librarianship were the lack of available positions and student status.
The major reasons indicated by the former trainees for entering the medical library education programs were an interest in the biomedical subject fields, the availability of funds, and the desire to gain experience. The reactions of the former trainees to their training program experiences were favorable.
PMCID: PMC198827  PMID: 4462687
12.  Introduction to Library Services for Allied Health Personnel * 
Experience with a non-credit course, given by the staff of the University of Western Ontario Health Sciences Library, within the framework of the University's Summer School and Extension Program, to allied health personnel is presented. The purpose of this course was to acquaint allied health personnel with the library and its services and how to use the services to the best advantage.
PMCID: PMC198822  PMID: 4462682
13.  Committee Charges and Appointments 1974/75 
PMCID: PMC198836  PMID: 16017682
15.  Past-president Hetzner retires. 
PMCID: PMC198803  PMID: 4619345
17.  Marcia Crocker Noyes, Medical Librarian: The Shaping of a Career * 
This study explores the accomplishments of Marcia Crocker Noyes (1869-1946) in depth and examines how her unobtrusive, yet extremely influential, personality contributed to success in medical librarianship.
In the library of the state medical society of Maryland and in the Medical Library Association, this pioneer medical librarian acted as a revitalizing force, and thus was in part responsible for the survival and subsequent growth of both institutions. Perhaps as important as her concrete contributions to medical libraries was the legacy which Miss Noyes bequeathed to her colleagues. She not only shaped the vocation of medical librarianship, but also by her example, stressed the dedication to the future necessary for one to be termed a professional.
PMCID: PMC198800  PMID: 4619344
18.  New Library Buildings Part V. The Schaffer Library of Health Sciences, Albany Medical College of Union University 
The new library at Albany Medical College is illustrated and described. The facility is self-contained, but physically joined to a pre-existing portion of a medical center building complex.
PMCID: PMC198796  PMID: 4466507
19.  Boerhaave: Author and Editor * 
The many facets of Herman Boerhaave's life are presented. He was a renowned teacher, physician, author, and editor. Discussed here are his activities as cataloger of the Vossius Collection, author of books on chemistry, botany, and medicine, and as editor of works by Vesalius and early Greek medical writers. Printing and bookselling in Leiden during Boerhaave's era are described.
PMCID: PMC198776  PMID: 4596962
21.  1974 Meeting in San Antonio 
San Antonio will be the site of the 1974 MLA Annual Meeting, and the program will emphasize expanding the role of health science libraries. Tours, as well as activities available in San Antonio, are described. The Convention Center itself, and the convention hotel, the Hilton Palacio del Rio, are mentioned, and other accommodations are listed. Social events are discussed, and the city's many interesting restaurants are noted.
PMCID: PMC198752  PMID: 16017664
PMCID: PMC198757  PMID: 16017666

Results 1-25 (89)