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2.  Adopt a journal? 
PMCID: PMC226917  PMID: 465841
11.  Profile, data, and management of two learning resource centers, 1970--1978. 
Eight years' data have been collected in the operation of learning resource centers (LRCs) for medical and dental students at the Medical College of Virginia Campus, Virginia Commonwealth University. Data present evidence of high utilization of facilities and materials, including the successful use of small group cluster carrels. Management concepts and strategies to account for the data are identified and the LRC profile discussed for an understanding of how the strategies are implemented. These management concepts--responsiveness to students, interaction with faculty, and delivery of coordinated service--are transferable to other institutions and serve as guidlines for efficient management of LRC space, staff, equipment, and acquisition in support of medical and dental school curricula.
PMCID: PMC226954  PMID: 486822
12.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC226962  PMID: 16017774
13.  Robert Lewis's Editorship 
PMCID: PMC226961  PMID: 16017773
16.  New Editorial Board for BMLA 
PMCID: PMC226941  PMID: 16017770
25.  Letter to the Editor 
PMCID: PMC226890  PMID: 16017761

Results 1-25 (86)