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2.  Books Received 
PMCID: PMC226869
3.  Research Methodology 
PMCID: PMC226860  PMID: 16017810
8.  Books Received 
PMCID: PMC226842
PMCID: PMC226801  PMID: 16017803
23.  Honor your authors. 
PMCID: PMC226854  PMID: 7296122
24.  The use of periodical literature in a Norwegian dental library. 
Periodical loans, photocopy requests, and reading room use of back volumes of periodicals at the University of Bergen Dental School library were registered during a twelve-month period. Loans were sorted by title and year, and titles were grouped by specialty and language. Total borrowing was 2.242, and the annual aging factor was 0.89 (half-life 5.8 years). Twelve periodicals accounted for 50% of total borrowing. While most specialized dental journals had a lower aging factor than dental journals as a whole, orthodontic journals had an aging factor of 0.92 (half-life 8.7 years). Non-English-language journals accounted for 22% of borrowing. Scandinavian-language titles (16% of borrowing) had a lower aging factor (0.87, half-life 5.1 years) and seemed to be used more as news journals. The languages of other journals used were German (4.7% of borrowing), French, and Russian.
PMCID: PMC226853  PMID: 7296121
25.  A computerized cataloging management system for health science audiovisuals. 
This paper describes the implementation of the Stanford Public Information and Retrieval System (SPIRES) by the University of Michigan Medical School Learning Resources Center. SPIRES is a bibliographic data base management system which offers on-line search capabilities and retrieval of data in programmable formats. The Learning Resource Center utilizes SPIRES for the interactive retrieval of cataloging data, bibliographical compilations, and book catalog production.
PMCID: PMC226850  PMID: 6170373

Results 1-25 (86)