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2.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC227345  PMID: 16017843
4.  Indexing inconsistency. 
PMCID: PMC227411  PMID: 6375780
7.  Books Received 
PMCID: PMC227528
16.  Online searching by microcomputer. 
Adding a telecommunications package to a microcomputer provides a new way to perform online bibliographic searching, called microsearching. Using the IBM PC microcomputer/Hayes Smartmodem 1200B combination for microsearching, an information service can produce custom-tailored bibliographies for individuals and topical bibliographies for group distribution.
PMCID: PMC227515  PMID: 6388695
18.  Selected list of books and journals in allied health sciences. 
This list of 450 books and 67 journals is intended as a selection guide to be used in a library supporting allied health educational programs and personnel in either an academic or health care setting. Due to the necessity of limiting the scope of coverage because of the large number and wide variety of allied health professions and occupations, the recommended publications are focused mainly on the twenty-six educational programs accredited by the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation of the American Medical Association, in addition to programs in allied dental health and medical secretarial skills. Books are categorized by broad subject followed by an author/editor index; journals are listed alphabetically by title. To purchase the entire collection of books and to pay for annual (1984) journal subscriptions would require a total expenditure of approximately $15,000.
PMCID: PMC227516  PMID: 6388696
19.  Journal article overlap among Index Medicus, Science Citation Index, Biological Abstracts, and Chemical Abstracts. 
Journal article overlap is defined as the same journal article being indexed by two or more services. Using journal references from seventy dissertations written in the preclinical sciences, the extent of journal article overlap among Index Medicus, Science Citation Index, Biological Abstracts, and Chemical Abstracts was examined. Of the 7,969 journal references cited, 92% were indexed by at least two of these services; 591 articles were covered by only one of the services, and 55 articles were not indexed. A discussion of the advantages and costs of journal article overlap is presented.
PMCID: PMC227512  PMID: 6388693
20.  The review article in MEDLINE: ambiguity of definition and implications for online searchers. 
The definition of a "review article" is examined from the viewpoints of the National Library of Medicine and of the patron. Implications of the differing interpretations of "review article" are discussed and possible alternative online search strategies are presented.
PMCID: PMC227511  PMID: 6388692
21.  Looking backward, 1984-1959: twenty-five years of library automation--a personal view. 
A brief profile of Janet Doe is given. Twenty-five years of library automation are reviewed from the author's point of view. Major projects such as the SUNY Biomedical Communication Network and the Regional Online Union Catalog of the Greater Midwest Regional Medical Library Network are discussed. Important figures in medical library automation are considered, as is the major role played by the National Library of Medicine.
PMCID: PMC227507  PMID: 6388691
22.  A checklist for planning and designing audiovisual facilities in health sciences libraries. 
Developed by an MLA/HeSCA (Health Sciences Communications Association) joint committee, this checklist is intended to serve as a conceptual framework for planning a new or renovated audiovisual facility in a health sciences library. Emphasis is placed on the philosophical and organizational decisions that must be made about an audiovisual facility before the technical or spatial decisions can be wisely made. Specific standards for facilities or equipment are not included. The first section focuses on health sciences library settings. Ideas presented in the remaining sections could apply to academic learning resource center environments as well. A bibliography relating to all aspects of audiovisual facilities planning and design is included with references to specific sections of the checklist.
PMCID: PMC227514  PMID: 6208957
23.  Osler and bookworms--the "Henry connection". 
Insect bookworms were a little-known interest of Sir William Osler and F. P. Henry. Each man wrote an article on the subject, Osler's appearing thirteen years after that of Henry. Several unpublished communications regarding Osler's interest in bookworms are discussed. A recently-discovered 1903 inscription to Henry demonstrates Osler's early interest in bookworms and suggests that Henry may have been an important influence in generating that interest.
PMCID: PMC227513  PMID: 6388694
24.  Journal Notes 
PMCID: PMC227529  PMID: 16017849
25.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC227520  PMID: 16017848

Results 1-25 (91)