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3.  Interlibrary cooperation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: the holder-of-record system. 
The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Defense and Aviation, which contracts for management of military hospitals, responded to the libraries' needs for more complete and extensive journal holdings. Better journal coverage was achieved through improved communication and cooperation among neighbor libraries, and through systematic implementation of a holder-of-record system. Interlibrary loan activity was more evenly distributed, and 70% of requisitions which previously had to be handled by foreign libraries can now be filled in Saudi Arabia.
PMCID: PMC227748  PMID: 3450344
14.  Selection and acquisition of audiovisual materials by health professionals. 
Audiovisual (AV) materials are widely used in the education of health professionals, and health science educators are usually the people who select audiovisual teaching materials. However, little is known about the selection process and there are few parameters that can be used for guidance. No previous research was uncovered that documented the selection/acquisition of materials by users. This paper reports a survey of health science educators and resource consultants at forty-five academic health centers in the United States, on their experiences in identifying, selecting, and using AV materials. The results provide a baseline of information on which future research can build.
PMCID: PMC227759  PMID: 2453239
15.  Mayo Drake 1924-1986. 
PMCID: PMC227718  PMID: 3315057
22.  CINAHL Replies 
PMCID: PMC227698  PMID: 16017889

Results 1-25 (103)