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1.  Two opinions. 
PMCID: PMC225501  PMID: 1998814
4.  Electronic publishing. 
PMCID: PMC227817  PMID: 3708201
5.  Still in print. 
PMCID: PMC225799  PMID: 8374591
6.  Focus on values. 
PMCID: PMC225533  PMID: 2039912
8.  Selection for preservation: considerations for the health sciences. 
Just as no health sciences library can afford to collect every work on a subject, neither can any health sciences library afford to preserve every item that is added to its collection. In decision making for collection development, health sciences libraries apply a set of selection criteria. Those same criteria have direct application in selection for preservation decisions. This paper summarizes the literature of selection for preservation, describes the scholarly record of biomedicine, and presents criteria for selection for preservation decisions. The preservation priorities statement for microfilming of monographs and serials in the National Library of Medicine collection is included as an appendix.
PMCID: PMC227434  PMID: 2758182
10.  An essay on reflection. 
From the vantage point of her personal experience, the author examines milestones since the 1960s which have changed the medical library profession and helped shape the Medical Library Association. The advent of automation, including cataloging with OCLC and online literature searching through the SUNY Biomedical Communication Network, was a dramatic event that transformed the work and priorities of librarians, fulfilling the dreams of earlier visionaries. The application of technology in libraries led to an increased demand for education and training for librarians. The Medical Library Association responded with continuing education programs, and a series of important reports influenced how the association filled its role in professional development. Legislation providing federal funding, such as the Medical Library Assistance Act, resulted in a period of expansion for libraries and their services. The Medical Library Association has developed a legislative agenda to influence action in areas such as copyright. In the future, health sciences librarians must take a leadership role.
PMCID: PMC226363  PMID: 9578947
11.  From brick face to cyberspace. 
This paper will discuss the library as a place, looking at the history of the library as a building or part of a building. It will briefly trace the development of health sciences libraries, enumerate standard sources for planning libraries, and consider whether or not the library as a place has a future.
PMCID: PMC226094  PMID: 7581187
12.  Influencing our future. 
PMCID: PMC225460  PMID: 2224313
14.  The promise of fruit...and light. 
The development of reference/information services in the health sciences library is traced, with emphasis on the events which brought about change. The distinction between information and knowledge is outlined and a philosophy which stresses the value of the librarian's knowledge is offered as the key to the future.
PMCID: PMC227708  PMID: 3902128

Results 1-14 (14)