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6.  Analysis of Recorded Biomedical Book and Journal Use in the Yale Medical Library Part II. Subject and User Relations* 
Cancelled charge slips collected over a one-year period supply the data for this analysis of circulation in the Yale Medical Library. Full-time teaching faculty are the heaviest users of journal literature, and students, of monograph literature. Faculties of Medical School departments are compared in terms of their use of material in individual subjects. Subject literatures are analyzed in terms of groups of users borrowing from them. The extent to which journal titles used by medical students are also used by Medical School faculty is examined. One of the products of the study is a rank list of journal titles used in the Library. Results are presented in several tables.
PMCID: PMC199083  PMID: 6041835
7.  Analysis of Recorded Biomedical Book and Journal Use in the Yale Medical Library Part I: Date and Subject Relations* 
Analysis of book and journal circulation is based on cancelled charge slips collected over a one-year period in the Yale Medical Library. About two-fifths of material circulated were monographs. Books and journals in seven subject fields provided over half of the circulation. Approximately two-thirds of both books and journals used had been published during the most recent nine years. A subject-by-subject examination of the ratio of books to journals circulating revealed that, in subjects where proportionally more journals than books were taken out of the Library, books were of more recent imprint dates than were journals, contrary to the overall pattern. Date distribution of books and journals by subject was also studied. Results are illustrated with graphs and tables.
PMCID: PMC199082  PMID: 6041834
8.  How Biomedical Investigators Use Library Books * 
Relatively few studies have been concerned with the use of biomedical books. This paper reports an investigation into use made of library books by biomedical investigators. Based on cancelled charge slips collected at the Yale Medical Library circulation desk, telephone appointments were made to interview those research investigators whose books had been returned the previous day. The interviewer obtained answers from the investigator to a questionnaire to discover how the investigator had learned of a book, if the book had been useful, and, if useful, how it had been used. During the six-month study period, 30.4 percent of researchers' volumes returned were monographs. Almost four-fifths of books borrowed supplied information wanted, and about four-fifths of books used had been printed in the previous decade. Nine-tenths of the use of books was research-related, the other tenth being for lecture preparation.
PMCID: PMC198398  PMID: 5910382
9.  Mechanization of Cataloging Procedures * 
The Columbia-Harvard-Yale Medical Libraries Computerization Project has put into operation its mechanized procedure for the production of catalog cards. Cards produced are in final form ready to be filed into a card catalog. Catalogers prepare copy on a worksheet from which punched cards are punched. An IBM 1401 computer processes the decklets of punched cards on magnetic tape to produce the expanded decklets of punched cards needed to print the various packs of catalog cards required to go into different catalogs. Next, the computer punches the expanded decklets of cards to operate an 870 Document Writer, which types out the catalog cards in final form. Cost of cards ready to file is 12.5 cents per card.
PMCID: PMC198251  PMID: 14271110
11.  Moderately and Heavily Used Biomedical Journals * 
The purpose of this investigation was to produce a title list of current journals supplying upwards of 75 percent of demand at the Columbia and Yale Medical Libraries. Columbia received nearly 2,000 journals and Yale over 1,500; findings are based upon an analysis of canceled charge slips for issues published from 1959 through June 1962. This combined study of recorded usage for six months in the Columbia Medical Library (12.9 percent of circulation during January through June 1962) and for one year in the Yale Medical Library (12.5 percent of 1961/62 circulation) revealed that a core of 262 journals supplied 80 percent of use of titles published in the 1959 to mid-1962 period. However, it is probable that current issues of all titles received were used at least once within the libraries. Titles of sixty-seven journals which supplied slightly more than 50 percent of use are listed.
PMCID: PMC198101  PMID: 14119296

Results 1-14 (14)