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11.  NERMLS and the Community Hospital: Service, Education, and Advice * 
Figures relating to the document delivery service of NERMLS are given. NERMLS has collaborated with the Postgraduate. Medical Institute in Boston to improve standards in community hospital libraries by creating a core library of books and journals and training library supervisors to work in these libraries. Institutes have taken place in the Countway Library, and guidelines for library development in community hospitals have been drawn up. Activities of Regional Medical Programs in New England are discussed, and further plans of NERMLS described.
PMCID: PMC197469  PMID: 5424512
12.  NERMLS: The First Year * 
The Countway Library, Boston, was the nation's first Regional Medical Library under the Regional Medical Library Program of the NLM. New England Regional Medical Library Service (NERMLS) began in October 1967 and is the outgrowth of traditional extramural services of the Harvard and Boston Medical Libraries (constituents of the Countway). During the first year over 27,000 requests were received of which 84 percent were filled. Some problems of document delivery (and their solution) are recounted. Other activities were: a limited amount of reference work; distribution of a Serials List; and planning for a region-wide medical library service. Proposals call for consultation and education, regional reference service, and improved document delivery service. Emphasis is placed on the role of the Community Hospital as a center for continuing education and the need to strengthen and assist hospital medical libraries. With the Postgraduate Medical Institute, Boston, NERMLS assisted in the compilation of a small physician-selected medical Core Collection which would serve as a minimum standard collection for community hospital libraries.
PMCID: PMC200860  PMID: 5823504

Results 1-12 (12)