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2.  The View Behind and Ahead: Implications of Certification * 
The Medical Library Association's certification plan, never of real significance in employment and promotion practices in health sciences librarianship, does not reflect the many changes which have occurred in swift progression since adoption of the code in 1949. Solutions to the problems which have accumulated since then are sought in a brief examination of trends in credentialing and certification in the health professions and in the library field, both general and special. Emphasis is given to the historical development of provisions in the MLA Code for the Training and Certification of Medical Librarians, the limited opportunity for practical implementation of most of the provisions, the importance of the code in stimulating the Association's educational programs, the impact of the Medical Library Assistance Act, Regional Medical Programs, and increases in demand for health information on manpower requirements for health science libraries, the specific dissatisfactions MLA members have expressed over certification, and the role of the Ad Hoc Committee to Develop a New Certification Code.
PMCID: PMC198715  PMID: 4744343
4.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC198140  PMID: 16017342
6.  Darwin and Evolution 
PMCID: PMC200422  PMID: 13814130
9.  Personal Views on Personnel Administration: Some After-Dinner Remarks * 
Several practical points in personnel management are discussed: not to tie staff to the institution, not to meddle with their outside affairs or to become too socially intimate, to be sensitive to unexpressed reactions of the staff, to avoid secrets.
The use of statistics and library use survey is discussed.
Continuity and innovation in the library are both equally important, and delegation of authority stressed. The administrator should provide an environment where the staff can work towards the goals of the institution.
PMCID: PMC197474  PMID: 5424517
10.  Integrating Information Services for Dental Schools into a Health Sciences Library * 
Standards for dental school libraries are first discussed, and the actual state of such libraries described. Advantages and disadvantages of combining the dental library with the health sciences library are weighed. A description is given of the experience at UCLA of integrating dentistry into the total Biomedical Library, with details on serial and monograph selection, together with figures on the size of the collection. Services required of a dental library are detailed, and particular services offered by UCLA described.
PMCID: PMC197438  PMID: 5439908
11.  The MEDLARS Regional Center at UCLA: A Progress Report * 
This paper supplements information given in earlier papers on the UCLA MEDLARS Search Station. Four major machine problem areas in the operation of a decentralized station are identified: adjustments required to run a large information retrieval type program in an academic computing facility serving many users; handicap in running time for COBOL programs; advent of the third generation of computers with attendant preparation; and need for constant current communication among all members of a decentralized network system. Statistics are given for the initial operating period, January-May 1966: 119 search requests received, 109 formulated, and 60 fully processed. Parallel searches with other MEDLARS installations, comparisons of MEDLARS and manual Index Medicus searches, and other search activities are reported.
PMCID: PMC198451  PMID: 5921470
13.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC198051  PMID: 16017310

Results 1-18 (18)