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1.  The Delivery of Medical Information in the 1970s * 
Some of the effects of changes in medicine and in economic situations in general on the provision of medical information are discussed. These effects are correlated with conflicts between the demands of different classes of users of this information and with levels of service due to changes in the characteristics of people entering the field of medical librarianship.
PMCID: PMC197650  PMID: 5128700
2.  The Pursuit of Excellence * 
An attempt is made to define excellence and then to apply that definition to some of the problems facing medical librarianship today.
PMCID: PMC197646  PMID: 5128696
3.  Confrontation and the Medical Library * 
The present problems facing medical libraries—budget cuts, the short-term nature of the renewal of the Medical Libraries Assistance Act, and lessened governmental aids to the health sciences research and training programs—are outlined, and six suggestions are made for helping to solve them.
PMCID: PMC198767  PMID: 4826485
11.  Catalog Cards 
PMCID: PMC197698  PMID: 16017615
18.  Medical Libraries Around the World 
A discussion is given of the buildings and equipment, staffs, and services of a number of medical libraries around the world, with special emphasis on American, European, and Asiatic medical libraries. Differences are explained on the basis of the traditions of the different countries, and the essential similarities pointed out.
PMCID: PMC197569  PMID: 5582086
21.  Mechanization of Library Procedures in the Medium-sized Medical Library: VIII. Suspension of Computer Catalog * 
A system for the substitution of a computer-printed book catalog for a card catalog was put to the test by making the former the sole means of locating material in the library, after four years of being used merely as an adjunct to the card catalog. It was found not suitable, and a new system is being devised in the light of the difficulties encountered. The reasons why the system broke down and the plans for the new one are described.
PMCID: PMC200763  PMID: 5795780
24.  Interrelationships Between Academic Degree Programs and Postdegree Internship Training * 
Differences between postgraduate academic training for medical librarianship and the less formal, nonacademic postgraduate training in this field are described. Strengths and weaknesses of each kind of learning experience are given.
PMCID: PMC200734  PMID: 5702317
25.  A Philosophy of Continuing Education * 
Continuing education is important to the individual, to the library, and to society as a whole, and therefore each should attempt to foster continued learning and the questioning mind. Today, librarians are seeking “philosophies” for what they do because the changes in the world about them have denied them the comfort of the implicit assumptions about their work which librarians of earlier periods had. The professional association, like the medieval guilds, has a responsibility to its members to aid in their search for reality (“philosophy”) and specifically in their need for continuing education.
PMCID: PMC199145  PMID: 5644798

Results 1-25 (105)