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1.  The Way of the Innovator: Notes Toward a Prehistory of MEDLARS * 
The concept of MEDLARS as a publication/retrieval system was the product of several forces operating during the fifteen years prior to 1961. These included the overriding imperative of medical index publication, the Welch Medical Indexing Research Project, a drive to master the theory of medical subject headings, the innovative impact of coordinate indexing, and the confidence produced by the success of the Index Mechanization Project. By virtue of this experience, MEDLARS became a prime example of a well-understood enterprise seeking a computer application, a circumstance which augured of its success.
PMCID: PMC197742  PMID: 4563537
2.  The Library Function in Science * 
Viewed in the context of the organizational structure through which science perpetuates itself and grows, the research library at a university serves simultaneously the purposes of education, of validating scientific research, and of integrating information into the corpus of knowledge. These are three processes essential to the conduct of scientific investigation. Libraries will gain recognition and support to the extent that they can perform them effectively.
PMCID: PMC198630  PMID: 16017591
6.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC199154  PMID: 16017484
PMCID: PMC232686  PMID: 16017475
8.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC232688  PMID: 16017477
9.  President's Page 
PMCID: PMC199123  PMID: 16017471
11.  Communications to the Editor 
PMCID: PMC199060  PMID: 16017449
12.  MEDLARS: Performance, Problems, Possibilities 
Operational experience during the first year of MEDLARS is described in relation to the Library's primary objectives of index publication, recurring bibliographies, and demand search services. Progress toward the implementation of two secondary objectives—the input of cataloging copy and the decentralization of the system—is also reported. MEDLARS has been intensively tested during its first operational year, its strengths and weaknesses have been identified, and it is now prepared to develop its service potential.
PMCID: PMC198250  PMID: 14271109
13.  MEDLARS and the Library Community 
The intention of the National Library of Medicine is to share with other libraries the products and the capabilities developed by the MEDLARS system. MEDLARS will provide bibliographic services of use to other libraries from the central system. The decentralization of the central system to permit libraries with access to computers to establish local machine retrieval systems is also indicated. The implications of such decentralization for the American medical library network and its effect on library evolution are suggested, as are the implications for international development of mechanized storage and retrieval systems.
PMCID: PMC198089  PMID: 14119289
PMCID: PMC200086  PMID: 13404384
17.  Weeding as an Art * 
PMCID: PMC199670  PMID: 13115843
PMCID: PMC195400  PMID: 16016932
19.  National Medical Indexes 
PMCID: PMC195044  PMID: 15426869
20.  Sources of Acquisitions 
PMCID: PMC194734  PMID: 16016815
22.  The Acquisition Program 
PMCID: PMC194604  PMID: 16016740

Results 1-22 (22)