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1.  What Is the Status Quo of Breast Cancer Research at Germany's Universities? 
Breast Care  2010;5(1):5-6.
PMCID: PMC3357158  PMID: 22619633
2.  Inflammatory Breast Diseases during Lactation: Milk Stasis, Puerperal Mastitis, Abscesses of the Breast, and Malignant Tumors – Current and Evidence-Based Strategies for Diagnosis and Therapy 
Breast Care  2010;5(1):33-37.
Breast diseases during the lactation period are of high importance because they can be an essential cause for early cessation of breastfeeding.
To provide a comprehensive overview on the current recommendations of diagnostics and therapies, a systematic literature research was performed on a variety of online medical databases.
The primary aim of all therapy is a quick reduction of pain to allow continued breastfeeding. Each particular form of breast disease requires a specific therapy. These can range from conservative measures to antibiotics and surgical procedures. All therapeutic measures, including pharmacotherapy, are normally not an indication for cessation of breastfeeding.
Because the majority of breast diseases during the postnatal period occur only after the women have left the maternity clinics, all involved healthcare workers should educate women especially on preventive measures.
PMCID: PMC3357165  PMID: 22619640
Breastfeeding; Milk stasis; Puerperal mastitis; Puerperal abscess
3.  First Revision of the German S3 Guideline ‘Diagnosis, Therapy, and Follow-Up of Breast Cancer’ 
Breast Care  2008;3(2):82-86.
The development and implementation of evidence-based, interdisciplinary, consensus-based guidelines is a very important step towards decreasing breast cancer mortality and optimizing the process of early detection, diagnosis, therapy, and follow-up of breast cancer. A revised version of the German S3 guideline was published in February 2008. Different working groups, departments, and organizations participate as coeditors of the new guideline. To fulfill international methodic requirements, a systematic search of the literature with selection of new publications (used as evidence) in the established data bases (Medline, BIOSIS, Previews, CDSR, ACP Journal Club, DARE, CCTR, CINHAL) and the Guidelines International Network (GIN) was performed for the time period of 2003–2006. Varied specialist opinions concerning diagnosis, therapy, and follow-up of breast cancer were considered in formal consensus processes. In different steps, Nominal Group Process techniques, the Delphi technique, and formal consensus processes were used. Besides differently weighted, study-based recommendations, statements resulting from structured consensus finding by the interdisciplinary group – in terms of good clinical practice – were postulated.
PMCID: PMC2931080  PMID: 21373209
Breast cancer; Guideline; Diagnosis; Therapy; Follow-up

Results 1-3 (3)