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1.  Does Radiotherapy Have Curative Potential in Metastatic Patients? The Concept of Local Therapy in Oligometastatic Breast Cancer 
Breast Care  2011;6(5):363-368.
In 1995, Hellmann and Weichselbaum defined for the first time the term oligometastases which is used to describe limited metastasis with a maximum of 3–4 clinically detectable metastases. It is assumed that these patients have a better prognosis and that local treatment of the metastases plays a significant part in the further development of the disease. Therefore, these patients could benefit from a curative local therapy of the manifested metastases. Local therapy measures include mainly radiotherapeutic methods alongside invasive ablative processes, such as surgical resection and radiofrequency ablation. Patients subjected to radiation therapy benefit especially from the usage of modern precision technology as it reduces the radiation exposure to the normal tissue, and because short radiation sessions with escalating doses are possible (e.g. radiation surgery, image-assisted radiation therapy, stereotactic radiation). Initial clinical studies show very good local tumor control rates which are on a par with resection and ablative methods, but with very few side effects and risks. This article summarizes the integration of the concept of oligometastases in the radiotherapy of limited metastatic breast cancer.
PMCID: PMC3357150  PMID: 22619646
Breast cancer; Oligometastases; Radiotherapy; Stereotactic body radiotherapy, SBRT
2.  Margins! Margins. Margins? How Important Is Margin Status in Breast-Preserving Therapy? 
Breast Care  2011;6(5):359-362.
Margin status is surely a prognostic factor in patients undergoing breast-conserving therapy, but its impact is probably overestimated in case of adequate adjuvant radiotherapy. Radiotherapy improves local control after excision of the primary tumor in all subgroups of patients. There is, in contrast, no evidence that a certain margin width or a re-resection improves local control.
PMCID: PMC3357154  PMID: 22619645
Breast cancer; Breast preservation; Margins; Surgery; Radiotherapy

Results 1-2 (2)