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1.  Treatment of nongonococcal urethritis with trimethoprim-sulphadiazine and with placebo. A double-blind partner-controlled study. 
The effect of sulphadiazine and trimethoprim (T-S) was compared with that of a placebo in the treatment of 75 men with nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) and their female sexual partners. Forty (53%) men and 30 (40%) women had positive culture results for Chlamydia trachomatis before treatment was started. Thirty-four patients of each sex received active treatment. Of these, 19 men and 15 women had positive culture results for C trachomatis before treatment with T-S and one of each sex had a positive culture result after treatment. C trachomatis had been isolated in 21 men and 15 women before treatment with placebo. At follow up four weeks after treatment had been started, 16 men and 15 women still harboured C trachomatis. Five of the chlamydia-positive patients treated with placebo developed complications (epididymitis, arthritis, or salpingitis) so the trial was discontinued.
PMCID: PMC1045742  PMID: 6992938
6.  Ultrahistopathology of balanitis circinata. 
Penile lesions from six patients with balanitis circinata were examined with the light and electron microscopes. The epithelium showed slight parakeratosis, acanthosis, and elongation of rete ridges. Neutrophil pustules occupied the upper epidermis. Prickle cells formed a spongiform net around the pustules. The most prominent features detected by the electron microscope were the small-to-medium-sized pustules in the upper epidermis. The thin flattened keratinocytes formed a sponge-like trabecular network. Neutrophils were not found inside the keratinocytes. Chlamydia were not present in the lesions, which indicates that balanitis circinata is due to some reactive mechanism. The fine structure of balanitis circinata resembles that of pustular psoriasis.
PMCID: PMC1046043  PMID: 7082981
14.  Sclerosing lymphangitis of the penis. 
PMCID: PMC1048386  PMID: 4119652
15.  Mezlocillin in the treatment of gonorrhoea. 
A single, intramuscular dose of 2 g of mezlocillin was used for the treatment of 158 patients with gonorrhoea. In only three out of 144 patients with urogential gonorrhoea who were re-examined did the treatment fail. Of 12 patients with pharyngeal gonorrhoea who were examined after treatment 10 were treated successfully with the same dose. The sensitivities of the gonococci to mezlocillin and penicillin G correlated well, although mezlocillin seemed to be active at lower concentrations on both highly sensitive and less sensitive isolates.
PMCID: PMC1045628  PMID: 111766
16.  Short-term treatment of gonorrhoea with intramuscular and oral forms of trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole. 
Fifty-nine male patients and 41 female patients with uncomplicated gonorrhoea were treated with an intramuscular dose of 1600 mg sulphamethoxazole plus 320 mg trimethoprim followed by an oral dose of 2400 mg sulphamethoxazole plus 480 mg trimethoprim 12 hours later. Forty-nine out of 52 male patients and 37 out of 38 female patients who were re-examined were cured. One of the men probably had a reinfection.
PMCID: PMC1045576  PMID: 427511

Results 1-16 (16)