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1.  New Nomenclature for Mammalian BSP Genes1 
Biology of Reproduction  2009;80(3):394-397.
BSP proteins and their homologs are a family of structurally related proteins characterized by the presence of tandem fibronectin type II domains. In the bovine species, BSP proteins were shown to be involved in sperm capacitation, a posttesticular maturation event necessary for sperm to acquire the ability to fertilize an oocyte. Recently, many new genes from this family have been discovered in numerous mammalian species. However, inconsistency in the nomenclature is creating much confusion. In light of the rapid growth of the BSP superfamily of proteins, we propose a new nomenclature in collaboration with the HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee.
New nomenclature for mammalian BSP genes.
PMCID: PMC2844493  PMID: 18923155
epididymis; male reproductive tract; seminal vesicles; sperm capacitation; sperm motility and transport

Results 1-1 (1)