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1.  Strategies for enhancing bioluminescent bacterial sensor performance by promoter region manipulation 
Bioengineered Bugs  2010;1(2):151-153.
Genetically engineered microbial reporter strains are based upon the fusion of an inducible sensing element upstream of a reporting element, so that the construct emits a dose-dependent signal when exposed to the inducing compound(s) or stress factor(s). In this communication1 we described several general approaches undertaken in order to enhance the sensing performance of such promoter::reporter fusions. Significant improvements in detection sensitivity, response kinetics and signal intensity were achieved by modi fication of the length of the promoter-containing DNA fragment, by random or site-directed mutagenesis and by promoter duplication. The general nature of these genetics manipulations makes them applicable to other types of promoter::reporter fusions.
PMCID: PMC3026457  PMID: 21326942
biosensor; bioreporter; bio luminescence; environmental stress; gene expression/regulation; promoter manipulation; error-prone PCR

Results 1-1 (1)