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1.  A tethering complex dimer catalyzes trans-SNARE complex formation in intracellular membrane fusion 
Bioarchitecture  2012;2(2):59-69.
SNARE complexes mediate membrane fusion in the endomembrane system. They consist of coiled-coil bundles of four helices designated as Qa, Qb, Qc and R. A critical intermediate in the fusion pathway is the trans-SNARE complex generated by the assembly of SNAREs residing in opposing membranes. Mechanistic details of trans-SNARE complex formation and topology in a physiological system remain largely unresolved. Our studies on native yeast vacuoles revealed that SNAREs alone are insufficient to form trans-SNARE complexes and that additional factors, potentially tethering complexes and Rab GTPases, are required for the process. Here we report a novel finding that a HOPS tethering complex dimer catalyzes Rab GTPase-dependent formation of a topologically preferred QbQcR-Qa trans-SNARE complex.
PMCID: PMC3383723  PMID: 22754631
HOPS tethering complex dimer; QbQcR-Qa trans-SNARE complex; Rab GTPase

Results 1-1 (1)