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1.  How clean is your water? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7661):80-82.
Many of the drugs we take end up in the water system. Geoff Watts investigates the implications
PMCID: PMC2453301  PMID: 18595920
2.  Is the food crisis eclipsing the importance of water? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7660):15.
As the G8 prepares to meet in Japan, a charity organiser tells Geoff Watts that water and sanitation should be top of its agenda
PMCID: PMC2443582  PMID: 18595921
3.  Gene therapy is in danger of being overhyped, expert says 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7651):977.
PMCID: PMC2364840
5.  An unlikely benefactor 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7647):746.
Money for research has tended to be compartmentalised by discipline, but, as Geoff Watts reports, one funding body is broadening its horizons
PMCID: PMC2287269  PMID: 18390522
6.  Europe seeks to boost research 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7642):474-475.
Europe is losing out in the battle for research into potential new treatments. Geoff Watts examines a new initiative to attract more investment
PMCID: PMC2258343  PMID: 18309998
7.  NICE urges planners to consider people’s need for exercise 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7637):179.
PMCID: PMC2213845  PMID: 18219027
8.  GPs and primary care trusts are given advice on commissioning 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7637):181.
PMCID: PMC2213857
9.  Getting the best from research funding 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7636):120-122.
It is just over a year since David Cooksey published his plans to reform UK research funding. Geoff Watts reports on how the ideas are working
PMCID: PMC2206262  PMID: 18202063
10.  WHO launches campaign to make drugs safer for children 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7632):1227.
PMCID: PMC2137042  PMID: 18079526
11.  Scientists “reprogramme” skin cells to create embryonic stem cells 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7630):1112-1113.
PMCID: PMC2099543  PMID: 18048515
12.  Nobel prize is awarded for work leading to “knockout mouse” 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7623):740.
PMCID: PMC2018769  PMID: 17932177
13.  Scent trails 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7620):588-589.
Smells form some of our most memorable experiences, but people who cannot detect them are largely forgotten. Geoff Watts sniffs out the researchers
PMCID: PMC1989003  PMID: 17884900
14.  In search of fat profits 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7607):1298-1299.
A pill to prevent obesity is proving as elusive to the drug industry as weight loss is to a growing proportion of the population. Geoff Watts assesses the latest candidates
PMCID: PMC1895665  PMID: 17585156
15.  Croatian academic is found guilty of plagiarism 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7603):1077.
PMCID: PMC1877892  PMID: 17525421
16.  Research ethics have not “sunk to an all time low”  
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7603):1079.
PMCID: PMC1877908  PMID: 17525429
17.  Academics should use their intellectual property to produce cheap drugs for poor countries 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7603):1079.
PMCID: PMC1877920  PMID: 17525425
18.  The locked code 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7602):1032-1033.
Despite numerous attempts to prevent it, patenting of genes is still legal. Geoff Watts explains the problems
PMCID: PMC1871761  PMID: 17510149
19.  Working within industry's silken but firm embrace 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7599):871.
Patrick Vallance, who recently moved from University College London to GlaxoSmithKline, would like to see more movement between academia and industry. Geoff Watts reports
PMCID: PMC1857744  PMID: 17463447
20.  UK Biobank gets 10% response rate as it starts recruiting volunteers 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7595):659.
PMCID: PMC1839218  PMID: 17395934
21.  Genes on ice  
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7595):662-663.
As the UK's biobank begins its campaign to collect samples, Geoff Watts looks at what the banks do and the problems they raise
PMCID: PMC1839210  PMID: 17395943
22.  First picturesOne for the album  
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7587):232-233.
Expectant parents' desire to see images of their unborn children has given rise to private ultrasonography services. Geoff Watts considers whether this non-medical use of the technique can be justified
PMCID: PMC1790740  PMID: 17272561
23.  Alternatives to animal experimentation  
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7586):182-184.
After two decades of decline, the use of animals in research is beginning to rise again. Geoff Watts examines replacement techniques and the potential for eliminating the need to use living creatures
PMCID: PMC1782004  PMID: 17255608
24.  A wind of change from the west 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7584):64-65.
Students looking for a new way of learning medicine are heading west—to Peninsula Medical School in southwest England. Geoff Watts spoke to its founder, John Tooke, who was knighted in the New Year's Day honours
PMCID: PMC1767304  PMID: 17218689
25.  Commentary: Liquid automation refreshes Dr Papanicolaou 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7609):35-36.
PMCID: PMC1910646  PMID: 17615223

Results 1-25 (80)