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1.  Cabin fever 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7644):584-586.
Health emergencies on aeroplanes often make the headlines, but how common are they and what would you be expected to do if you were on the flight? Alison Tonks investigates
PMCID: PMC2267946  PMID: 18340070
2.  Poor communication, poor training, and chaotic drug rounds contribute to drug errors 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7644):581.
PMCID: PMC2267975  PMID: 18340065
3.  Safer by design 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7637):186-188.
Thousands of patients each year are harmed by medical errors, many of which could be prevented. Alison Tonks reports on steps to make the NHS mistake-proof
PMCID: PMC2213817  PMID: 18219038
4.  Lyme wars 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7626):910-912.
Patients with long term symptoms, lack of a scientific explanation, and insurance companies' reluctance to pay for treatment have created a perfect breeding ground for dissent, Alison Tonks reports
PMCID: PMC2048873  PMID: 17974685
5.  A spoonful of antigen 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7612):180-182.
Immunisation without needles could have medical and technical advantages as well as being less traumatic for children. Alison Tonks reports
PMCID: PMC1934445  PMID: 17656541
6.  Quest for the AIDS vaccine 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7608):1346-1348.
Researchers broadly agree that the best way to halt the AIDS epidemic is to develop a vaccine against HIV. But despite huge investment a vaccine is proving elusive, as Alison Tonks explains
PMCID: PMC1906671  PMID: 17600020
7.  Too much of a good thing 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7601):978-980.
Doctors in the US use epoetins more aggressively than those in the UK. Alison Tonks reveals how recent research has raised questions about US guidelines
PMCID: PMC1867922  PMID: 17494015

Results 1-25 (94)