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2.  Datum isn’t; data are 
Canadian Journal of Surgery  2016;59(4):220-221.
PMCID: PMC4961482  PMID: 27454837
3.  De l’usage du pluriel (ou non) du mot « data » 
Canadian Journal of Surgery  2016;59(4):221-222.
PMCID: PMC4961483  PMID: 27454838
5.  Gestational diabetes mellitus: Screening with fasting plasma glucose 
World Journal of Diabetes  2016;7(14):279-289.
Fasting plasma glucose (FPG) as a screening test for gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) has had a checkered history. During the last three decades, a few initial anecdotal reports have given way to the recent well-conducted studies. This review: (1) traces the history; (2) weighs the advantages and disadvantages; (3) addresses the significance in early pregnancy; (4) underscores the benefits after delivery; and (5) emphasizes the cost savings of using the FPG in the screening of GDM. It also highlights the utility of fasting capillary glucose and stresses the value of the FPG in circumventing the cumbersome oral glucose tolerance test. An understanding of all the caveats is crucial to be able to use the FPG for investigating glucose intolerance in pregnancy. Thus, all health professionals can use the patient-friendly FPG to simplify the onerous algorithms available for the screening and diagnosis of GDM - thereby helping each and every pregnant woman.
PMCID: PMC4958688  PMID: 27525055
Gestational diabetes mellitus; Screening; Diagnosis; Fasting capillary glucose; Fasting plasma glucose
7.  From Yama to Samyama 
International Journal of Yoga  2016;9(2):95-96.
PMCID: PMC4959332  PMID: 27512316
9.  Current state of orthopedic education in India 
Indian Journal of Orthopaedics  2016;50(4):341-344.
PMCID: PMC4964764  PMID: 27512213
10.  Breathe: exploring respiratory health and exercise 
Breathe  2016;12(2):103-104.
This issue explores topics relating to respiratory health and exercise and I hope will make interesting reading for all of you that deal with dyspnoea in your patients on a day-to-day basis, whether they be athletes with high expectations of their performance or those whose breathlessness arises from disease or lack of fitness.
The June issue of Breathe explores topics relating to respiratory health and exercise
PMCID: PMC4933623  PMID: 27408627
11.  There and back again: insulin, ENaC, and the cortical collecting duct 
Physiological Reports  2016;4(10):e12809.
Cell culture models suggest mechanisms by which insulin stimulates ENaC in the cortical collecting duct. These mechanisms still need to be tested for physiological significance in animal models of insulin resistance.
PMCID: PMC4886174  PMID: 27233302
12.  How Do We Deal with Research Misconduct? 
Oman Medical Journal  2016;31(3):240.
PMCID: PMC4852081  PMID: 27162599
13.  Sensing a revolution 
Molecular Systems Biology  2016;12(4):867.
New fully integrated biosensors that monitor molecular and physiological parameters throughout our bodies are set to revolutionize medicine and personalized healthcare.
PMCID: PMC4848763  PMID: 27118815
Systems Medicine
14.  Guideposts for quests in the realm of oncology careers 
Current Oncology  2016;23(2):69.
PMCID: PMC4835017  PMID: 27122969
17.  Taxing sugar 
The BMJ  2016;352:h6904.
An old idea with a new place in the fight against obesity?
PMCID: PMC4703702  PMID: 26739899
18.  2016 IOJ Editors’ Note 
PMCID: PMC4910778  PMID: 27528856
19.  Which treatment strategy for women with symptoms of urinary tract infection? 
The BMJ  2015;351:h6888.
Many women could avoid antibiotics
PMCID: PMC4693435  PMID: 26715541
20.  Strong orthopedists 
PMCID: PMC4799350  PMID: 27027077
21.  Efforts to eliminate the latent reservoir in resting CD4+ T cells: strategies for curing HIV-1 infection 
Journal of Virus Eradication  null;1(4):229-231.
Since the introduction of the first antiretroviral drug, zidovudine, in 1987, over 25 different antiretroviral agents from six different drug classes have been approved for the treatment of HIV-1 infection. Today, combination antiretroviral therapy (ART) is extremely effective in suppressing HIV-1 replication, providing durable control of the virus in adherent patients. However, despite the effectiveness of ART in blocking viral replication, HIV-1 infection cannot be cured by ART alone because HIV-1 establishes a state of latent infection in a small pool of resting, memory CD4+ T cells. Some new developments in the search for a cure are discussed.
PMCID: PMC4946652  PMID: 27482420
HIV-1; resting; memory CD4+ T cells; latent reservoir; cure
22.  Improving survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest 
The BMJ  2015;351:h4989.
Adopting the Institute of Medicine’s strategies could save hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide
PMCID: PMC4596938  PMID: 26391488
23.  Europe’s refugee crisis: an urgent call for moral leadership 
The BMJ  2015;351:h4833.
Offering asylum is a minimum standard of civilised society
PMCID: PMC4564068  PMID: 26354032
24.  Whither α-FP in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma? 
PMCID: PMC4918290  PMID: 27508200
25.  Antibiotics for Gram-negative infections 
Einstein  2015;13(3):vii-viii.
PMCID: PMC4943804  PMID: 26466056

Results 1-25 (5020)