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1.  Is quality of care improving in the UK? 
Yes, but we do not know why
PMCID: PMC3230115  PMID: 21292716
2.  Cross border health care in Europe 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7662):124-125.
European Commission proposals provide legal clarity and more information for patients
PMCID: PMC2483867  PMID: 18599469
3.  The future of primary and community care in England 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7662):125-126.
The permanent NHS revolution reaches into general practice
PMCID: PMC2483876  PMID: 18632720
4.  Sexuality and older people 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7662):121-122.
Doctors should ask patients, regardless of age, about sex
PMCID: PMC2483879  PMID: 18614504
5.  Improving the safety of peripheral intravenous catheters 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7662):122-123.
Specialised teams and technology could bring greater benefit than routine replacement
PMCID: PMC2483880  PMID: 18614483
6.  Incidence of bullous pemphigoid and pemphigus vulgaris 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7662):123-124.
Is increasing in elderly people in the UK
PMCID: PMC2483881  PMID: 18614512
7.  Sudden cardiac death in young athletes 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7661):61-62.
Evidence supports a systematic screening programme before participation
PMCID: PMC2453246  PMID: 18599473
8.  Imported malaria in the UK 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7661):62-63.
Is rising because of failure to comply with prophylaxis or to seek travel health advice
PMCID: PMC2453247  PMID: 18599472
9.  Genetic engineering in athletes 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7661):63-64.
Safeguards are needed before the hypothetical threat becomes a reality
PMCID: PMC2453248  PMID: 18614474
10.  Antipsychotics for people with dementia 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7661):64-65.
Should be reserved for severe and persistent symptoms after assessment of risk and benefit
PMCID: PMC2453249  PMID: 18614517
11.  Enhancing the quality and transparency of health research 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7661):66.
EQUATOR is an essential web resource for researchers, reviewers, editors, and readers
PMCID: PMC2453250  PMID: 18614488
12.  What does the future hold for the NHS at 60? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7660):1-2.
Flux and conflict constrained by consensus as in the past
PMCID: PMC2443554  PMID: 18595938
13.  Drugs for cancer and copayments 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7660):2-3.
Principles underpinning copayments must preserve equity, be transparent, and enhance knowledge on treatment outcomes
PMCID: PMC2443555  PMID: 18595953
14.  Affect and heart disease 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7660):3-4.
Are linked, but the mechanisms are unclear
PMCID: PMC2443556  PMID: 18595927
15.  Endoscopic ablation for benign enlargement of the prostate 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7660):4-5.
Newer techniques are no better than transurethral resection, but the evidence base is poor
PMCID: PMC2443557  PMID: 18595937
16.  Mental capacity and psychiatric admission 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;337(7660):5-6.
Many patients lack capacity to consent to treatment on admission, but not all qualify for treatment under the Mental Capacity Act
PMCID: PMC2443558  PMID: 18595925
17.  Cardiovascular risk tables 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7659):1445-1446.
Estimating risk is not the problem, using it to tailor treatment to individuals is
PMCID: PMC2440848  PMID: 18573855
18.  Measuring deaths from conflict 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7659):1446-1447.
New method is promising but is still likely to underestimate deaths
PMCID: PMC2440849  PMID: 18566044
19.  Seroprotection against serogroup C meningococcal disease 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7659):1447-1448.
Is higher if vaccination is given in the second decade of life rather than in the first
PMCID: PMC2440850  PMID: 18535031
20.  Effects of quality improvement collaboratives 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7659):1448-1449.
Are difficult to measure using traditional biomedical research methods
PMCID: PMC2440851  PMID: 18577558
21.  Continuous publication 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7659):1450.
The next logical step
PMCID: PMC2440852
22.  Vitamin A supplements in newborns and child survival 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7658):1385-1386.
Benefit depends on the setting, baseline infant mortality, and vitamin A deficiency
PMCID: PMC2432123  PMID: 18558638
23.  Risk factors for gastroschisis 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7658):1386-1387.
Genitourinary infection in early pregnancy can be added to the existing list
PMCID: PMC2432124  PMID: 18558637
24.  Wheeze in preschool children 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7658):1387-1388.
Exercise induced wheeze and atopic disorders predict persistent asthma
PMCID: PMC2432125  PMID: 18558636
25.  Preventing injury in childhood 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2008;336(7658):1388-1389.
Injury surveillance in the UK lags behind other European countries
PMCID: PMC2432126  PMID: 18566048

Results 1-25 (4974)