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1.  Blade runners 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7618):515.
A new textbook on surgical complications is a timely aid for modern surgeons faced with multiple risk factors, Harold Ellis finds
PMCID: PMC1971212
2.  Should we loosen the grip on drug companies? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7617):454.
It costs $40bn a year to produce just a handful of new drugs. Richard Smith reviews a highly publicised new book that claims over-regulation is holding the drug industry back.
PMCID: PMC1962855
3.  Facebook for scientists? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7616):401.
PMCID: PMC1952520
4.  Life under liberty 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7615):349.
PMCID: PMC1949439
5.  Cosmetic artistry 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7615):352.
Colin Martin is fascinated by an exhibition of pseudomedical devices designed to help an artist overcome what he describes as “undersized Asian male complex”
PMCID: PMC1949477
6.  Rage against the dying of the light 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7614):305.
A film about the last days of an Alzheimer's patient has undeservedly been mired in bad publicity about a “faked” TV death, finds Richard Huxtable
PMCID: PMC1941894
7.  Ministering to the Fatherland 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7613):261.
Why did a trauma surgeon with an interest in humanism become Hitler's personal physician? John Quin reviews a fascinating new biography of Karl Brandt
PMCID: PMC1939765
8.  Labour pains 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7612):209.
Wendy Savage, champion of women's rights in childbirth, is back with a polemical look at who controls birth and who controls doctors, writes Duncan Double
PMCID: PMC1934442
9.  Liste d'attente? Pourquoi? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7612):210-211.
PMCID: PMC1934471
10.  Lethal practice 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7611):159.
A new book chronicles insulin's 50 year history as a murder weapon—including stories of doctors engaged in foul play. Wendy Moore reports
PMCID: PMC1925156
11.  Getting the inside story 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7610):102.
A prime time series uses computer generated images to illustrate what happens to patients at times of medical crisis—but is it worth the effort asks Craig Gerrand
PMCID: PMC1914474
12.  No laughing matter 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7609):47.
PMCID: PMC1910641
13.  Killing you softly 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;335(7609):46.
A history of the last 100 years of cigarette use fails to consvey the scale of plague we have unleashed on ourselves, finds Stan Shatenstein
PMCID: PMC1910676
14.  Sex and drugs and rock and roll 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7608):1374-1375.
The long awaited revamp of the Wellcome Collection, which claims to be the world's first public venue devoted to looking at the human condition, impresses Colin Martin
PMCID: PMC1906645
15.  Seeds of discontent 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7607):1323.
A chronicle of a couple's epic attempt to have children questions whether modern reproductive technology is more trouble than it's worth, finds Abi Berger
PMCID: PMC1895690
16.  Fractured: picking up the pieces 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7606):1275.
An author's fractured arm led to a book on the intrusive surveillance of doctors, finds Jessica Watson
PMCID: PMC1892509
17.  Time again for the resurrection men? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7605):1223.
A sparkling book on the great 19th century surgeon Sir Astley Cooper should prompt us to re-examine medicine and medical education in the 21st century, says Roger Jones
PMCID: PMC1889995
18.  Straight talking? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7604):1167.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues currently receive little attention in clinical training, writes Jeanelle de Gruchy, welcoming a book that challenges the status quo
PMCID: PMC1885295
19.  Diagnosing medicine's ills 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7603):1115.
After decades of resistance, doctors must get over their reluctance to have their performance measured, finds Jerome Kassirer
PMCID: PMC1877891
20.  Penicillin and a series of fortunate events  
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7602):1059.
The story of penicillin takes in a dirty Petri dish, a refugee chemist, and a few human tears, finds Allen F Shaughnessy
PMCID: PMC1871770
21.  Why are so many doctors politically illiterate? 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7601):1007.
Julian Tudor Hart's latest book hauls New Labour's NHS reforms over the coals and laments the fact that so few doctors have the heart to fight back
PMCID: PMC1867911
22.  Lies with everything 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7600):958.
Janice Hopkins Tanne is horrified by a film about America's burger industry
PMCID: PMC1865452
23.  Medicine's hall of fame 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7599):903.
Unsung heroes of modern medicine, page turning legends from Chinese medicine, and juicy anecdotes about Nobel prize winners—Balaji Ravichandran savours a new dictionary of medical biography
PMCID: PMC1857738
24.  Living in a box 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7598):856.
Most medical errors are mistakes in thinking, not in technology, claims a new book, and have a lot to do with the superhuman demands placed on doctors, as well as a measure of arrogance, as David Woods discovers
PMCID: PMC1853194
25.  The scars that won't heal 
BMJ : British Medical Journal  2007;334(7597):801.
Robert Hunter is impressed by a novel that examines the long term effects of warfare on mental health and relationships
PMCID: PMC1852037

Results 1-25 (456)