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1.  Anecdotes from the history of anesthesia in dentistry. 
Anesthesia Progress  1995;42(3-4):80-83.
I believe that dentists have made important contributions to anesthesiology and patient care. Medical anesthesiology is now being required to provide more same-day or ambulatory care. Where it was once good sport to criticize dentists providing brief anesthesia services for their patients, it has now become appropriate for physician anesthesiologists to use shorter-acting agents, improved physiologic monitoring, reversal agents, and early discharge as part of their care of patients. Anecdotes are informative and often provide us with nostalgic recognition and a smile. Ask yourself how you would have responded to the needs of your patients if you were practicing 40 or more yrs ago. We owe a major debt of gratitude to our gallant forebearers and an acknowledgement saying "Well done," and "God bless."
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3.  The specialty of anesthesiology in dentistry. 
Anesthesia Progress  1985;32(6):244-246.
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9.  Monitoring out-patient anesthesia in dentistry. 
Anesthesia Progress  1980;27(1):6-9.
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10.  Newer neurotransmitters in pain control. 
Anesthesia Progress  1979;26(3):66-71.
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11.  M.H. and other "hot stuff". 
Anesthesia Progress  1979;26(3):65.
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13.  Letters to the Editor 
Anesthesia Progress  1979;26(1):28-29.
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14.  Teaching intravenous sedation: follow-up of 200 dentists. 
Anesthesia Progress  1978;25(5):154-156.
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15.  Dr. Daniel F. Lynch — Statesman 
Anesthesia Progress  1978;25(1):4-5.
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17.  Acupuncture update. 
Anesthesia Progress  1977;24(1):5.
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18.  Guest Editor. 
Anesthesia Progress  1976;23(6):171.
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19.  Editorial: Thickening vapors--II. 
Anesthesia Progress  1976;23(3):75.
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21.  An unusual complication of nasal-tracheal anesthesia. 
Anesthesia Progress  1976;23(2):57-58.
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22.  Editorial: Thickening vapors. 
Anesthesia Progress  1976;23(1):5-6.
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25.  Current Therapy 
Anesthesia Progress  1974;21(5):154.1.
PMCID: PMC2516695

Results 1-25 (38)