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1.  Qualitative and Quantitative Effects of Treatment for Dental Fear and Avoidance 
Anesthesia Progress  1986;33(1):9-13.
In a Swedish community-based program for the treatment of dental phobic patients, a clinical trial was performed among 99 severely phobic individuals with long-standing avoidance of dental treatment. The modes of treatment compared were dentistry under general anesthesia and a broad-based psychophysiological therapy both followed by conventional dental treatment. Psychometric as well as overt behavioral measures were used to elucidate initial state and changes in patients' dental fear and behaviors. Quantitative and qualitative data are presented of initial and long-term (two years) treatment effects. The results indicate a significantly better effect for the psychophysiological therapy.
PMCID: PMC2175435  PMID: 2871777

Results 1-1 (1)