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1.  A Multilevel Gamma-Clustering Layout Algorithm for Visualization of Biological Networks 
Advances in Bioinformatics  2013;2013:920325.
Visualization of large complex networks has become an indispensable part of systems biology, where organisms need to be considered as one complex system. The visualization of the corresponding network is challenging due to the size and density of edges. In many cases, the use of standard visualization algorithms can lead to high running times and poorly readable visualizations due to many edge crossings. We suggest an approach that analyzes the structure of the graph first and then generates a new graph which contains specific semantic symbols for regular substructures like dense clusters. We propose a multilevel gamma-clustering layout visualization algorithm (MLGA) which proceeds in three subsequent steps: (i) a multilevel ╬│-clustering is used to identify the structure of the underlying network, (ii) the network is transformed to a tree, and (iii) finally, the resulting tree which shows the network structure is drawn using a variation of a force-directed algorithm. The algorithm has a potential to visualize very large networks because it uses modern clustering heuristics which are optimized for large graphs. Moreover, most of the edges are removed from the visual representation which allows keeping the overview over complex graphs with dense subgraphs.
PMCID: PMC3707208  PMID: 23864855
2.  Genevestigator V3: A Reference Expression Database for the Meta-Analysis of Transcriptomes 
Advances in Bioinformatics  2008;2008:420747.
The Web-based software tool Genevestigator provides powerful tools for biologists to explore gene expression across a wide variety of biological contexts. Its first releases, however, were limited by the scaling ability of the system architecture, multiorganism data storage and analysis capability, and availability of computationally intensive analysis methods. Genevestigator V3 is a novel meta-analysis system resulting from new algorithmic and software development using a client/server architecture, large-scale manual curation and quality control of microarray data for several organisms, and curation of pathway data for mouse and Arabidopsis. In addition to improved querying features, Genevestigator V3 provides new tools to analyze the expression of genes in many different contexts, to identify biomarker genes, to cluster genes into expression modules, and to model expression responses in the context of metabolic and regulatory networks. Being a reference expression database with user-friendly tools, Genevestigator V3 facilitates discovery research and hypothesis validation.
PMCID: PMC2777001  PMID: 19956698

Results 1-2 (2)