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2.  A Giant Lymphatic Cyst of the Transverse Colon Mesentery 
Mesenteric cysts are not uncommon in pediatric age group but giant lymphatic cysts of mesentery are reported infrequently. This is a report of six years old female who had vague abdominal pain with distension for two years. Investigations revealed a large cystic mass in abdomen. On exploration a giant lymphatic cyst in the mesentery of transverse colon found. More than 1500 ml of milky fluid was drained. The cyst was unilocular and appeared to be the collection of lymph (chyle) between two leaves of the mesentery of transverse colon. It is postulated that trauma to or malformation of lymphatics at the root of mesentery might have lead to this pathology.
PMCID: PMC3417989  PMID: 22953250
Lymphatic cyst; Mesenteric cyst; Lymphatic malformation; Abdominal mass
3.  Delayed Presentation of Trichobezoar with Small Bowel Obstruction 
Small bowel obstruction is a common surgical emergency but trichobezoar as an etiology, rarely reported. A seven year old school going female child presented with acute intestinal obstruction with a palpable and mobile mass in the abdomen. At exploration, a 10 cm long trichobezoar was found in the distal ileum which was removed through enterotomy. Postoperative course remained uneventful. Further probing revealed that child used to eat her own scalp hairs at the age of 2 years and the habit persisted for about 18 months which resulted in alopecia at that time. Later on she started showing normal behavior.
PMCID: PMC3418006  PMID: 22953273
Trichobezoar; Intestinal obstruction; Child
4.  Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of Colon 
Bleeding per rectum is a common complaint in pediatric age group and mostly relates to benign conditions. Underlying colorectal carcinoma is a rare cause and carries a poor prognosis. We report two cases of mucinous adenocarcinoma of colon, one in a 9 years old male and other in a female of 12 years. The boy presented with rectal bleeding and increasing constipation of more than three years duration. He had mucinous adenocarcinoma (T3N0MX) of rectosigmoid region and underwent local complete resection of the tumor with colostomy. He also received postoperative chemotherapy and later underwent colostomy reversal. He is tumor free at two years follow up. The girl presented with signs of intestinal obstruction and at colonoscopy a stricture found in descending colon. The tumor was resected and biopsy reported as poorly differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma with positive mesenteric nodes positive for tumor (T3N2MX). She is on chemotherapy.
PMCID: PMC3417995  PMID: 22953263
Colorectum;  Mucinous adenocarcinoma;  Bleeding per rectum;  Child

Results 1-4 (4)