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2.  Assessment of the Integration of a HIS/RIS with a PACS  
Journal of Digital Imaging  2003;16(1):133-140.
The exchange of information between a Radiology Information System (RIS) and a PACS is essential to optimizing the utility of a PACS. Some of the benefits awarded by implementing an interface include a reduction or elimination of repetitious data entry, the availability of more accurate information on the PACS, a reduction in workload for the technologists, registration clerks, transcriptionists, etc, and the availability of more accurate data for automating the PACS. This paper discusses the Georgetown experience of interfacing an HIS/RIS and PACS, by describing the development of the interface and its impact on clinical operations.
PMCID: PMC3045121  PMID: 12945822
3.  Environmental Designs for Reading from Imaging Workstations: Ergonomic and Architectural Features  
Journal of Digital Imaging  2003;16(1):124-131.
Despite the rapid progress made in the electronic design of imaging workstations for medicine, much less effort has gone into the design of environments in which such systems will be used. Based on studies of radiologist film reading sessions, considerable time will be spent working at such viewing systems. If the rooms in which the workstations are placed are not conducive to comfortable work, it will certainly not favor electronic viewing over film reading. In examining existing reading environments, it is also apparent that they are not optimum, even for film. Since some of the problems for film and electronic viewing overlap, such as heat generation (by the alternators, viewboxes, or workstation electronics) and glare from light sources, it should be possible to develop solutions which are applicable to both environments or to rooms which will feature both viewing systems. This paper will discuss some of the approaches to designing environments in which viewing of images is supported by the room architecture and engineering and not degraded by it. To illustrate these points, a design based on the constraint of a real room size and available architectural materials will be developed.
PMCID: PMC3045139  PMID: 12945821

Results 1-3 (3)