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1.  Trim43a, Trim43b, and Trim43c: novel mouse genes expressed specifically in mouse preimplantation embryos 
Gene expression patterns : GEP  2009;9(8):595-602.
We describe the identification and characterization of Trim43a, Trim43b, and Trim43c genes, whose expression are restricted to preimplantation stages and peak at the 8-cell to morula stage. We identified a 5 kb DNA fragment that covers upstream region of Trim43a as a putative promoter, which can drive the expression of mStrawberry fluorescent protein in a manner similar to endogenous Trim43 genes. Trim43 genes will be useful stage-specific markers for the study of preimplantation embryos.
PMCID: PMC2784184  PMID: 19703589
mouse preimplantation; gene expression; 8-cell; morula; fluorescent proteins; asymmetric PCR; promoter analysis
2.  An in situ hybridization-based screen for heterogeneously expressed genes in mouse ES cells 
Gene expression patterns : GEP  2007;8(3):181-198.
We previously reported that Zscan4 showed heterogeneous expression patterns in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells. To identify genes that show similar expression patterns, we carried out high-throughput in situ hybridization assays on ES cell cultures for 244 genes. Most of the genes are involved in transcriptional regulation, and were selected using microarray-based comparisons of gene expression profiles in ES and embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells versus differentiated cell types. Pou5f1 (Oct4, Oct3/4) and Krt8 (EndoA) were used as controls. Hybridization signals were detected on ES cell colonies for 147 genes (60%). The majority (136 genes) of them showed relatively homogeneous expression in ES cell colonies. However, we found that two genes unequivocally showed Zscan4-like spotted expression pattern (spot-in-colony pattern; Whsc2 and Rhox9). We also found that nine genes showed relatively heterogeneous expression pattern (mosaic-in-colony pattern: Zfp42/Rex1, Rest, Atf4, Pa2g4, E2f2, Nanog, Dppa3/Pgc7/Stella, Esrrb, and Fscn1). Among these genes, Zfp42/Rex1 showed unequivocally heterogeneous expression in individual ES cells prepared by the CytoSpin. These results show the presence of different types or states of cells within ES cell cultures otherwise thought to be undifferentiated and homogeneous, suggesting a previously unappreciated complexity in ES cell cultures.
PMCID: PMC2238805  PMID: 18178135
ES cells; EC cells; pluripotent stem cells; heterogeneous gene expression; homogeneous gene expression; Zscan4; Pou5f1; Oct4; Oct3/4; Krt8; EndoA; Whsc2; Nelfa; Rhox9; Zfp42; Rex1; Rest; Zfp42; Rex1; Rest; Atf4; Pa2g4; E2f2; Nanog; Dppa3; Pgc7; Stella; Esrrb; Fscn1

Results 1-2 (2)