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1.  A novel custom resequencing array for dilated cardiomyopathy 
Genetic tests for the most commonly mutated genes in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) can confirm a clinical diagnosis in the proband and inform family management. Presymptomatic family members can be identified, allowing for targeted clinical monitoring to minimize adverse outcomes. However, the marked locus and allelic heterogeneity associated with DCM have made clinical genetic testing challenging. Novel sequencing platforms have now opened up avenues for more comprehensive diagnostic testing while simultaneously decreasing test cost and turn around time.
By using a custom design based on triplicate resequencing and separate genotyping of known disease-causing variants, we developed the DCM CardioChip for efficient analysis of 19 genes previously implicated in causing DCM.
The chip’s analytical sensitivity for known and novel substitution variants is 100% and 98%, respectively. In screening 73 previously tested DCM patients who did not carry clinically significant variants in 10 genes, 7 variants of likely clinical significance were identified in the remaining 9 genes included on the chip. Compared with traditional Sanger-based sequencing, test cost and turn around time were reduced by ~50%.
The DCM CardioChip is a highly efficient screening test with a projected clinical sensitivity of 26–29%.
PMCID: PMC3018746  PMID: 20474083
dilated cardiomyopathy; resequencing array; genetic test; locus heterogeneity

Results 1-1 (1)