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author:("Singh, ladji")
1.  SSRD: Simple Sequence Repeats Database of the Human Genome 
Simple sequence repeats are predominantly found in most organisms. They play a major role in studies of genetic diversity, and are useful as diagnostic markers for many diseases. The simple sequence repeats database (SSRD) for the human genome was created for easy access to such repeats, for analysis, and to be used to understand their biological significance. The data includes the abundance and distribution of SSRs in the coding and non-coding regions of the genome, as well as their association with the UTRs of genes. The exact locations of repeats with respect to genomic regions (such as UTRs, exons, introns or intergenic regions) and their association with STS markers are also highlighted. The resource will facilitate repeat sequence analysis in the human genome and the understanding of the functional and evolutionary significance of simple sequence repeats. SSRD is available through two websites, and
PMCID: PMC2448451  PMID: 18629286

Results 1-1 (1)