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1.  Wild-Type Gross Leukemia Virus: Classification of Soluble Antigens (GSA) 
Journal of Virology  1972;10(6):1208-1219.
By inhibiting techniques using indirect immunofluorescence tests and indirect immunoelectron microscopy, the G(Gross) soluble antigens (GSA) in the body fluids of AKR and C58 mice, which have a high incidence of spontaneous leukemia, were classified according to the known specificity of G antigens in the murine Gross leukemia system. GSA existing in the plasma of nonleukemic and leukemic AKR mice and in the ascitic fluid of transplanted AKR spontaneous leukemia K36 showed the several specificities corresponding to G cell surface antigens, GCSAa, b, and c, and type-specific and group-specific viral envelope antigens, tsVEA and gsVEA, respectively. However, the plasma of nonleukemic C58 mice lacks GSAc, which can be recognized by the G-typing mouse serum. GSA corresponding to GIX antigen was not detected in the body fluids.
PMCID: PMC356603  PMID: 4566440
3.  L-Asparaginase Synthesis by Erwinia aroideae 
Applied Microbiology  1972;23(3):667-668.
Maximum L-asparaginase activity was obtained when 1.0% lactose and 1.5% yeast extract were supplied as carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively. Glucose inhibited the enzyme formation. The diauxie phenomenon was observed with Erwinia aroideae NRRL B-138 grown in a medium containing glucose and lactose.
PMCID: PMC380408  PMID: 5021978

Results 1-3 (3)