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1.  The Mechanism of the Calorigenic Action of Thyroid Hormone  
The Journal of General Physiology  1971;57(6):710-722.
In an earlier study, we proposed that thyroid hormone stimulation of energy utilization by the Na+ pump mediates the calorigenic response. In this study, the effects of triiodothyronine (T3) on total oxygen consumption (QOO2), the ouabain-sensitive oxygen consumption [QOO2(t)], and NaK-ATPase in liver, kidney, and cerebrum were measured. In liver, ∼90% of the increase in QOO2 produced by T3 in either thyroidectomized or euthyroid rats was attributable to the increase in QOO2(t). In kidney, the increase in QOO2(t) accounted for 29% of the increase in QOO2 in thyroidectomized and 46% of the increase in QOO2 in euthyroid rats. There was no demonstrable effect of T3 in euthyroid rats on QOO2 or QOO2(t) of cerebral slices. The effects of T3 on NaK-ATPase activity in homogenates were as follows: In liver +81% from euthyroid rats and +54% from hypothyroid rats. In kidney, +21% from euthyroid rats and +69% from hypothyroid rats. T3 in euthyroid rats produced no significant changes in NaK-ATPase or Mg-ATPase activity of cerebral homogenates. Liver plasma membrane fractions showed a 69% increase in NaK-ATPase and no significant changes in either Mg-ATPase or 5'-nucleotidase activities after T3 injection. These results indicate that thyroid hormones stimulate NaK-ATPase activity differentially. This effect may account, at least in part, for the calorigenic effects of these hormones.
PMCID: PMC2203122  PMID: 4252666
3.  Two New Species of Tylenchidae, Basiroides nortoni n. sp. and Tylenchus hageneri n. sp. (Nematoda: Tylenchida) 
Journal of Nematology  1971;3(2):108-112.
Basiroides nortoni n. sp. and Tylenchus hageneri n. sp. from soil around roots of corn from Ollie, Iowa, are described and illustrated. B. nortoni n. sp. has a posterior vulva, a long posterior uterine branch and an arcuate tail with pointed terminus. T. hageneri n. sp. has four lines in the lateral field, coarse transverse cuticular striae along the whole body, and a filiform tail slightly shorter than vulva-anus distance.
PMCID: PMC2619862  PMID: 19322355
Basiroides nortoni; Tylenchus hageneri; Tylenchidae; Corn

Results 1-3 (3)