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1.  Assessing the state of health research in the Eastern Mediterranean Region 
Member states across the Eastern Mediterranean region face unprecedented health challenges, buffeted by demographic change, a dual disease burden, rising health costs, and the effects of ongoing conflict and population movements – exacerbated in the near-term by instability arising from recent political upheaval in the Middle East. However, health actors in the region are not well positioned to respond to these challenges because of a dearth of good quality health research. This review presents an assessment of the current state of health research systems across the Eastern Mediterranean based on publicly available literature and data sources. The review finds that – while there have been important improvements in productivity in the Region since the early 1990s – overall research performance is poor with critical deficits in system stewardship, research training and human resource development, and basic data surveillance. Translation of research into policy and practice is hampered by weak institutional and financial incentives, and concerns over the political sensitivity of findings. These problems are attributable primarily to chronic under-investment – both financial and political – in Research and Development systems. This review identifies key areas for a regional strategy and how to address challenges, including increased funding, research capacity-building, reform of governance arrangements and sustained political investment in research support. A central finding is that the poverty of publicly available data on research systems makes meaningful cross-comparisons of performance within the EMR difficult. We therefore conclude by calling for work to improve understanding of health research systems across the region as a matter of urgency.
PMCID: PMC3705424  PMID: 23761582
3.  Hidden diabetes in the UK: use of capture–recapture methods to estimate total prevalence of diabetes mellitus in an urban population 
An early requirement of the UK's Diabetes National Service Framework is enumeration of the total affected population. Existing estimates tend to be based on incomplete lists. In a study conducted over one year in North Liverpool, we compared crude prevalence rates for type 1 and type 2 diabetes with estimates obtained by capture–recapture (CR) analysis of multiple incomplete patient lists, to assess the extent of unascertained but diagnosed cases. Patient databases were constructed from six sources—a hospital diabetes centre; general practitioner registers; hospital admissions with a diagnosis of diabetes; a hospital diabetic retinal clinic; a research list of patients with diabetes admitted with stroke; and a local children's hospital. Log linear modelling was used to estimate missing cases, hence total prevalence.
The crude prevalence of diabetes was 1.5% (95% confidence interval [CI] 1.41, 1.52), compared with a CR-adjusted rate of 3.1% (CI 3.03, 3.19). Age-banded CR-adjusted prevalence was always higher in males than in females and the difference became more pronounced with increasing age. Among males, CR-adjusted prevalence rose from 0.4% at age 10–19 years to 18.3% at 80+ years; in females the corresponding figures were 0.4% and 9.3%.
The gap between crude and CR-estimated prevalence points to a rate of 'hidden diabetes' that has substantial implications for future diabetes care.
PMCID: PMC539535  PMID: 12835444
4.  Gitelman's syndrome 
PMCID: PMC1281532  PMID: 11387426
6.  Clinical and radiological features of pseudomyxoma peritonei. 
Pseudomyxoma peritonei is due to diffuse involvement of the peritoneal cavity with mucinous material. Four patients were found in two major general hospitals in Riyadh. All patients were male. Cardinal clinical features were abdominal distension, pain and weight loss. Computed tomography was helpful preoperatively. Laparoscopy or laparotomy were performed to arrive at a correct diagnosis.
PMCID: PMC1292335  PMID: 2530349

Results 1-6 (6)