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1.  Building Health Literacy Among an Urban Teenage Population by Creating Online Health Videos for Public and School Health Curriculum Use 
Healthflicks is a 2010-2011 National Network of Libraries of Medicine outreach project conducted in New Haven, CT, targeting health information literacy among urban teens through the creation of web videos. Students from a public magnet school with a health careers curriculum track volunteered. Yale University students were hired as video mentors. Partners included the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Hill Regional Career High School, the New Haven Free Public Library, and Yale University’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs. Outcomes included a Healthflicks YouTube channel and an ongoing partnership between an academic medical library and a high school with a health careers curriculum track.
PMCID: PMC3410668  PMID: 22866023
2.  Good old days? 
Alternative models of subsidizing scholarly publishing and dissemination have germinated and gathered momentum in the fertile soil of dissatisfaction. Like the stubborn spring dandelion that needs but a small crack in the sidewalk to flower boldly, the first flowers of Open Access in library literature, including Biomedical Digital Libraries, have sensed their opportunity to change the existing paradigm of giving away our scholarship and intellectual property, only to buy it back for the privilege of knowing it can be read. Will biomedical digital library and informatics researchers understand their role in a new era of Open Access simply by desiring an immediate uninhibited global audience and recognizing the necessity of open access peer-reviewed literature to become self-sufficient?
PMCID: PMC1097712  PMID: 15829010
3.  True good 
PMCID: PMC524353  PMID: 15507159

Results 1-4 (4)