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1.  Choroidal metastases in testicular choriocarcinoma, successful treatment with chemo- and radiotherapy: a case report 
BMC Urology  2011;11:24.
Choriocarcinoma is a very rare cause of ocular metastasis. Only 18 male patients have been reported on, 4 of whom survived, but with significant loss of vision.
Case presentation
A 26-year-old Caucasian man, suffering from testicular choriocarcinoma with pulmonary, cerebral, renal, hepatic and osseous metastases, underwent left radical orchiectomy. While being treated with chemotherapy, he presented with loss of vision in the left eye. Ophthalmoscopy revealed bilateral non-pigmented, hemorrhagic choroidal tumours, compatible with secondary lesions. Continued chemotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy of the skull and spine lead to full remission with excellent vision, after more than 4 years of follow up.
Testicular choriocarcinoma is an exceptional cause of choroidal metastasis, potentially asymptomatic and with specific clinical features. Radiotherapy can complement radical orchiectomy and chemotherapy, to achieve full remission and maintain good vision.
PMCID: PMC3252243  PMID: 22151977
2.  A clinical study of annular cyclitis 
To investigate six cases of annular cyclitis.
All patients with impairment of visual acuity underwent complete ophthalmologic examination, color fundus photography, laboratory tests and fluorescein angiography. Indocyanine green (ICG) angiography and B-scan ultrasonography were also performed in three cases in order to diagnose the disease.
All patients presented a unilateral or bilateral granulomatous uveitis, associated with inflammatory annular cyclitis. They had a shallow anterior chamber, a mildly elevated intraocular pressure (under 25 mm Hg) and an annular serous retinal detachment. A resolution was observed after specific therapy associated with systemic prednisolone therapy and antiglaucomatous drops.
This is the first description of an observational study of six patients with inflammatory annular cyclitis.
PMCID: PMC2708993  PMID: 19668568
cyclitis; uveitis; malignant glaucoma
3.  How would you manage this small melanocytic choroidal tumour? 
PMCID: PMC3512345  PMID: 23018423
Choroid; Neoplasia; Genetics; Imaging; Diagnostic tests/Investigation

Results 1-3 (3)