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1.  Analysis of pan-African Centres of excellence in health innovation highlights opportunities and challenges for local innovation and financing in the continent 
A pool of 38 pan-African Centres of Excellence (CoEs) in health innovation has been selected and recognized by the African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDI), through a competitive criteria based process. The process identified a number of opportunities and challenges for health R&D and innovation in the continent: i) it provides a direct evidence for the existence of innovation capability that can be leveraged to fill specific gaps in the continent; ii) it revealed a research and financing pattern that is largely fragmented and uncoordinated, and iii) it highlights the most frequent funders of health research in the continent. The CoEs are envisioned as an innovative network of public and private institutions with a critical mass of expertise and resources to support projects and a variety of activities for capacity building and scientific exchange, including hosting fellows, trainees, scientists on sabbaticals and exchange with other African and non-African institutions.
PMCID: PMC3492037  PMID: 22838941
2.  Antitrypanosomal and Cytotoxic Activities of 22-Hydroxyclerosterol, a New Sterol from Allexis cauliflora (Violaceae) 
Scientia Pharmaceutica  2011;79(1):137-144.
In the search for new antiparasitic natural compounds from the medicinal plants from Cameroon, the new 22-hydroxyclerosterol, established as such on the basis of detailed chemical and spectroscopic analysis, was isolated from the hexane extract of the stem bark of Allexis cauliflora together with the known clerosterol. 22-Hydroxyclerosterol inhibited the growth of Trypanosoma brucei brucei cells with an ED50 value of 1.56 μM. The compound was also established as an uncompetitive inhibitor of the glycolytic enzyme PGI of T. brucei (Ki’= 3 ± 1 μM), an uncompetitive inhibitor of mammalian rabbit muscles’ enzyme PyK (Ki’= 26 ± 3 μM) and a mixed inhibitor of PyK of Leishmania mexicana (Ki’= 65 ± 10 μM; Ki= 24 ± 5 μM).
PMCID: PMC3097502  PMID: 21617778
Clerosterol; Enzyme inhibitor; Trypanocide; Trypanosoma brucei; Stigmastane sterols; Cytotoxicity; NMR; Structure elucidation; Natural products

Results 1-2 (2)