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author:("bruna, Peter")
1.  Perceptions of document relevance 
This article presents a study of how humans perceive and judge the relevance of documents. Humans are adept at making reasonably robust and quick decisions about what information is relevant to them, despite the ever increasing complexity and volume of their surrounding information environment. The literature on document relevance has identified various dimensions of relevance (e.g., topicality, novelty, etc.), however little is understood about how these dimensions may interact. We performed a crowdsourced study of how human subjects judge two relevance dimensions in relation to document snippets retrieved from an internet search engine. The order of the judgment was controlled. For those judgments exhibiting an order effect, a q–test was performed to determine whether the order effects can be explained by a quantum decision model based on incompatible decision perspectives. Some evidence of incompatibility was found which suggests incompatible decision perspectives is appropriate for explaining interacting dimensions of relevance in such instances.
PMCID: PMC4079065  PMID: 25071622
document relevance; quantum cognition; information retrieval; cognitive modeling; user modeling
2.  Towards semantic search and inference in electronic medical records: An approach using concept-­based information retrieval 
The Australasian Medical Journal  2012;5(9):482-488.
This paper presents a novel approach to searching electronic medical records that is based on concept matching rather than keyword matching.
The concept-based approach is intended to overcome specific challenges we identified in searching medical records.
Queries and documents were transformed from their term-based originals into medical concepts as defined by the SNOMED-CT ontology.
Evaluation on a real-world collection of medical records showed our concept-based approach outperformed a keyword baseline by 25% in Mean Average Precision.
The concept-based approach provides a framework for further development of inference based search systems for dealing with medical data.
PMCID: PMC3477777  PMID: 23115582
Electronic medical records; Information retrieval; Semantic search and inference; Health informatics.
3.  Is there something quantum-like about the human mental lexicon? 
Following an early claim by Nelson & McEvoy (35) suggesting that word associations can display ‘spooky action at a distance behaviour’, a serious investigation of the potentially quantum nature of such associations is currently underway. In this paper quantum theory is proposed as a framework suitable for modelling the human mental lexicon, specifically the results obtained from both intralist and extralist word association experiments. Some initial models exploring this hypothesis are discussed, and experiments capable of testing these models proposed.
PMCID: PMC2834425  PMID: 20224806
quantum theory; contextuality; semantic structure; human memory experiments; quantum interaction

Results 1-3 (3)