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1.  Symptomatic Extensive Thoracolumbar Epidural Hematoma Following Lumbar Disc Surgery Treated by Single Level Laminectomy 
Asian Spine Journal  2012;6(2):152-155.
Spinal epidural hematomas (SEHs) are rare complications following spine surgery, especially for single level lumbar discectomies. The appropriate surgical management for such cases remains to be investigated. We report a case of an extensive spinal epidural hematoma from T11-L5 following a L3-L4 discectomy. The patient underwent a single level L4. A complete evacuation of the SEH resulted in the patient's full recovery. When presenting symptoms limited to the initial surgical site reveal an extensive postoperative SEH, we propose: to tailor the surgical exposure individually based on preoperative findings of the SEH; and to begin the surgical exposure with a limited laminectomy focused on the symptomatic levels that may allow an efficient evacuation of the SEH instead of a systematic extensive laminectomy based on imaging.
PMCID: PMC3372553  PMID: 22708022
Epidural; Hematoma; Spine; Surgery; Management; Emergency; Postoperative
2.  Reconstruction of partial maxillary defects with the double-barrel fibula free flap 
Maxillary reconstruction still remains challenging for surgeons despite the fact that maxilla is a static structure. The correct shape and volume of the reconstruction can guarantee the best result in terms of soft tissue support and functional outcome for the patients restoring three-dimensional support of the mid third. The fibula free flap seems to be the best free flap to apply in this type of reconstruction, partial maxillectomy, in particular, can benefit from reconstruction with the double barrelled fibula free flap. In fact, this shape can provide the best support to cheek tissue and minimize the tendency of upper retraction of the alar base of the nose and lips. Moreover, the free flap, containing bone, can restore a skeletal structure that will provide adequate bony support for osteointegrated implant prosthesis rehabilitation. All these conditions can be achieved with the double barrel fibula flap that we consider a good approach for maxillary reconstruction
PMCID: PMC3146323  PMID: 21808451
Bone reconstruction; Maxillary reconstruction; Fibula free flap

Results 1-2 (2)