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2.  The cytosol activity of thymidine phosphorylase in endometrial cancer 
Thymidine phosphorylase (TP) is identical with platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor (PD-ECGF) which promotes angiogenesis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the cytosol activity of TP in tumor samples from patients with endometrial cancer.
The activity of TP was measured by the spectrophotometric method in the cytosol of endometrial tumor samples from 43 patients. Moreover, the expression of platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor/thymidine phosphorylase (PD-ECGF/TP) protein and microvessel density (MD) were examined in the same endometrial tumor samples by immunohistochemical staining. Normal endometrium from 16 women, treated surgically due to nononcological reasons served as a control.
A relationship between the cytosol TP activity, PD-ECGF/TP protein expression, MD and clinicopathologic features was investigated.
A significantly higher the cytosol TP activity, PD-ECGF/TP protein expression and MD was stated in malignant tumor samples when compared to the control (samples of normal endometrium). A positive statistically significant correlation between the cytosol enzyme activity and PD-ECGF/TP protein expression and MD was found, but weaker from the remaining ones between PD-ECGF/TP protein expression and MD was observed.
Besides no correlation between the cytosol TP activity, PD-ECGF/TP protein expression as well as MD and grading or histopatological type of endometrial cancer was stated.
The cytosol TP activity in endometrial cancer is significantly higher than in normal endometrium, with no relation as to the stage and grade of tumors, but correlates with the PD-ECGF/TP protein expression and MD may therefore be associated with favorable prognosis in patients treated with chemo- or radiotherapy after surgery.
PMCID: PMC2588563  PMID: 18986516

Results 1-2 (2)