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4.  PA02.22. Hypolipidemic effect of different coconut oil extracts of vyosakatvivaradi formulation in wistar rats. 
Ancient Science of Life  2013;32(Suppl 2):S67.
To study the preventive and therapeutic Hypolipidemic effect of different coconut oil extracts of Vyosakatvivaradi formulation.
High fat diet was fed for 21 days to induce Hyperlipidemia. 110 weanling wistar rats randomly divided in to Eleven groups, four in treatment, four in preventive group, two control and one standarad group. Four test drugs – 1. VCO (virgin coconut oil) + HERBS, 2. TCO (Traditional coconut oil) + HERBS, 3. CCO (Commercial coconut oil) + HERBS, 4. TCO + Coconut Milk + HERBS were administered at the dose rate of 0.06ml tid orally for 28 days in treatment group and 28 days in preventive group from the day one of experiment and the results were compared with Simvastatin 10 mg. All the animals were anesthetized using anesthetic ether and pooled blood samples from each group were collected on day Zero, day 21st and on termination day i.e. day 28th after start of actual treatment.
Animals in all groups did not reveal any change in their behavior or visible adverse reaction throughout the experimental period. Statistically significant reduction in mean triglyceride values in test drug -4 animals revealed preventive. Statistically significant reduction in the mean cholesterol level (mg/dl) was observed in test drug -4 animals. Statistically significant increase in the mean HDL level 5% level of significance was observed in preventive dose of test drug 3. Microscopic observations of liver, kidney and aorta revealed no significant change.
The medicated oil “CCO + HERBS” and TCO + Coconut Milk + HERBS” showed encouraging therapeutic and preventive effects on hyperlipidemia. However, the oil “TCO + Coconut Milk + HERBS” is observed to be better than the oil CCO + HERBS. Though the oils “VCO + HERBS” and “TCO + HERBS” exhibited moderate hypolipidemic action.
PMCID: PMC4147540

Results 1-6 (6)