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1.  Pharmaceutical study of Triguna and Shadguna Balijarita Makaradhwaja 
Ayu  2012;33(3):412-417.
Makaradhwaja is a herbo-minaral drug prepared by Kupipakwa method. In the present study Makaradhwaja was prepared by Triguna and Shadguna Balijarana using Ashtasamskarita Parada. Total five batches of Triguna Makaradhwaja (TM) were prepared by taking 330 g of Kajjali in each batch, average product obtained was 29.12 g. In the preparation of Shadguna Makaradhwaja (SM) too, five batches were prepared, taking 250 g of Kajjali, average product obtained was 16.8 g. The average time taken for flame in TM was 3.01 h and that in SM was 4.58 h. Kupipaka was carried out for 18 and 36 h in TM and SM, respectively. Inductive Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICPOES) revealed the presence of 7.2976 ppm gold in TM, whereas 663.14 ppm in SM.
PMCID: PMC3665097  PMID: 23723651
Ashtasamskarita Parada; Parada; Balijarana; Makaradhwaja; Murcchana
2.  Etiology based study of hypertension in an Ayurvedic approach 
Ancient Science of Life  2010;30(2):33-41.
Ayurveda symbolises holistic approach towards treating diseases and better prevention than cure as its one of the main motto.1 In present paper, etiological based survey of 30 patients was carried out to assess dietary and habitual lifestyles of people suffering from hypertension, for this a detailed proforma based on classical etiological factors related to hypertension was used. After the detailed assessment it was found that, more percentage of etiological factors of Raktavaha Srotas (micro channels for the transportation of blood) (78.46%), Rasavaha Srotas (micro channels for the transport of chyme) (53.33%) were found influenced than that ofManovaha Srotas (micro channels for the conveyance of psyche) (27.67%)) and Medovaha Srotas (micro channels transporting of fats) (37.76%). Hence, it can be concluded that avoidance of these etiologies (Nidanaparivarjana) is a first step in the direction of control and management of hypertension.
PMCID: PMC3336277  PMID: 22557423

Results 1-2 (2)