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1.  Simultaneous Determination of Amlodipine and Valsartan 
A spectrophotometric method was developed for simultaneous determination of amlodipine (Aml) and valsartan (Val) without previous separation. In this method amlodipine in methanolic solution was determined using zero order UV spectrophotometry by measuring its absorbency at 360.5 nm without any interference from valsartan.
Valsartan spectrum in zero order is totally overlapped with that of amlodipine. First, second and third derivative could not resolve the overlapped peaks.
The first derivative of the ratio spectra technique was applied for the measurement of valsartan. The ratio spectrum was obtained by dividing the absorption spectrum of the mixture by that of amlodipine, so that the concentration of valsartan could be determined from the first derivative of the ratio spectrum at 290 nm. Quantification limits of amlodipine and valsartan were 10–80 μg/ml and 20–180 μg/ml respectively. The method was successfully applied for the quantitative determination of both drugs in bulk powder and pharmaceutical formulation.
PMCID: PMC3169342  PMID: 21918600
spectrophotometry; derivative ratio; amlodipine and valsartan

Results 1-1 (1)