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1.  Melioidosis in a returned traveller 
Melioidosis is an infection endemic to Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The present report describes a case of chronic melioidosis in a returning traveller from the Philippines. Clinical suspicion of this illness is warranted in individuals with a history of travel to endemic regions. Safety in handling clinical specimens is paramount because laboratory transmission has been described.
PMCID: PMC4173945  PMID: 25285129
Laboratory safety; Melioidosis; Travel medicine; Tropical medicine
2.  Proposed new mechanism for food and exercise induced anaphylaxis based on case studies 
We present two cases of food and exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FEIA) in patients with a diagnosis of oral allergy syndrome (OAS) to the implicated foods. Patient A had FEIA attributed to fresh coriander and tomato and Patient B to fresh celery. These food allergens have been implicated in OAS and have structural antigenic similarity to that of birch and/or grass. Both patients’ allergies were confirmed by fresh skin prick tests. In both cases, strenuous exercise was antecedent to the systemic anaphylaxis reaction and subsequent ingestion without exercise produced only local symptoms of perioral pruritus. We review the current proposed mechanisms for food and exercise induced anaphylaxis to oral allergens and propose a novel and more biologically plausible mechanism. We hypothesize that the inhibitory effects of exercise on gastric acid secretion decreases the digestion of oral allergens and preserves structural integrity, thereby allowing continued systemic absorption of the allergen whether it be profilins, lipid transfer proteins, or other antigenic determinants.
PMCID: PMC3608993  PMID: 23509907
Food and exercise-induced anaphylaxis; Food allergy; Exercise; Anaphylaxis; Mechanism

Results 1-3 (3)