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1.  A Comparison Study of Psychiatric and Behavior Disorders and Cognitive Ability Among Homeless and Housed Children 
This study examined the association of homelessness and related factors with child psychiatric and behavior disorders (diagnosed with structured diagnostic interviews) and child cognitive ability (on the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test) in a randomly selected sample of 157 homeless children and their mothers and a comparison of 61 housed children and their mothers. Homeless children had more disruptive behavior disorders and lower cognitive scores than housed children. In multivariate analyses, maternal verbal scores and child nonverbal scores were associated with child verbal ability; maternal education, homelessness, and child nonverbal scores were related to child behavior disorders.
PMCID: PMC4236108  PMID: 17641971
homelessness; children; psychiatric disorders; behavior disorders; cognitive ability
2.  Revisiting Practice-Based Research Networks as a Platform for Mental Health Services Research 
Practice-based research networks (PBRNs)—collaborations of practice settings that work together to generate research knowledge—are underused in mental health services research. This article proposes an agenda for mental health services research that uses a variety of PBRN structures and that focuses on what really happens in practice, the effectiveness of practice innovations in real world care, the challenges of implementing evidence supported interventions, modification of clinician behavior, and assessment of the effect of mental health policy changes on practice. The challenges of conducting research within PBRNs are substantial, including difficulties in maintaining positive member relations, securing ongoing funding, sustaining productivity, overcoming IRB entanglements and achieving both scientific excellence in recruitment and measurement validity and utility for practitioner members. However, the awareness of these challenges allows researchers and practitioners to build networks that creatively overcome them and that infuse mental health services research with heavy doses of the realities of everyday clinical practice.
PMCID: PMC3755587  PMID: 19399606
Practice-based research networks; Community based practice research; Research; Partnerships; Implementation research

Results 1-3 (3)