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author:("liebig, Phil")
1.  catena-Poly[(μ-anilido)(μ-1,2-dimeth­oxy­ethane-κ3-O,O′:O)sodium] 
In the title compound, [Na(C6H5NH)(C4H10O2)], the Na+ cation is coordinated by the N atoms of two anilide anions, two O atoms of a chelating 1,2-dimeth­oxy­ethane (dme) ligand and one O atom of an adjacent dme ligand. The coordination polyhedron around Na+ corresponds to a distorted square pyramid with the N atoms of the anilide groups and the O atoms of the chelating dme unit at the base and a third O atom at the apical position. The anilide anions act as μ-bridging ligands and the 1,2-dimeth­oxy­ethane mol­ecules display a μ2-κ3-O,O′ coordination mode. As a result of this connectivity, a polymeric chain structure parallel to [100] is formed, consisting of Na2O2 and Na2N2 four-membered rings. It should be noted that the remaining H atom of the anilide NH group is not involved in hydrogen bonding.
PMCID: PMC3470181  PMID: 23125625

Results 1-1 (1)