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1.  2,3-Dibromo-3-(4-chloro­phen­yl)-1-(2-hy­droxy­phen­yl)propan-1-one 
In the title mol­ecule, C15H11Br2ClO2, an S(6) ring motif is formed via an intra­molecular O—H⋯O hydrogen bond. The dihedral angle formed between the chloro- and hy­droxy-substituted benzene rings is 34.10 (15)°. In the crystal, weak inter­molecular C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds link the mol­ecules into chains along the c axis.
PMCID: PMC3201456  PMID: 22064869
2.  (2E)-3-(3-Benzyl­oxyphen­yl)-1-(2-hydroxy-5-methyl­phen­yl)prop-2-en-1-one 
In the mol­ecule of the title compound, C23H20O3, an intra­molecular O—H⋯O hydrogen bond generates an S(6) ring. The central benzene ring makes dihedral angles of 80.17 (8) and 16.99 (7)°, respectively, with the benz­yloxy and hy­droxy­methyl phenyl rings. In the crystal, mol­ecules are linked via inter­molecular C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds to form dimers. The dimers are connected by C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds and C—H⋯π inter­actions to form columns down the b axis.
PMCID: PMC3120564  PMID: 21754763
3.  (2E)-3-[3-(Benz­yloxy)phen­yl]-1-(2-hy­droxy­phen­yl)prop-2-en-1-one 
In the title compound, C22H18O3, an intra­molecular O—H⋯O hydrogen bond stabilizes the mol­ecular structure, forming an S(6) ring motif. The central benzene ring forms a dihedral angle of 64.74 (5)° with the phenyl ring and a dihedral angle of 5.58 (5)° with the terminal benzene ring. In the crystal, mol­ecules are linked into columns along the a axis via inter­molecular C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds. C—H⋯π inter­actions involving the centroid of the hy­droxy-substituted benzene ring further stabilize the crystal structure.
PMCID: PMC3120523  PMID: 21754713
4.  (2E)-1-(2-Hy­droxy-5-methyl­phen­yl)-3-(4-meth­oxy­phen­yl)prop-2-en-1-one 
In the title compound, C17H16O3, the dihedral angle between the aromatic rings is 4.59 (7)° and an intra­molecular O—H⋯O hydrogen bond generates an S(6) ring. In the crystal, adjacent mol­ecules are linked by C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds, leading to the formation of [001] supra­molecular chains. Weak C—H⋯π inter­actions consolidate the packing.
PMCID: PMC3089145  PMID: 21754540

Results 1-4 (4)