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1.  La2Pb(SiS4)2  
The title structure is occupationally disordered on the La and Pb sites. A large gap was found around the coordination polyhedra, which makes the compound a prospective material in crystal engineering.
Crystals of La2Pb(SiS4)2, dilanthanum(III) lead(II) bis­[tetra­sulfido­sili­cate(IV)], were obtained from the La–Pb–Si–S system and structurally characterized using X-ray single-crystal diffraction. The La and Pb atoms are coordinated in bicapped trigonal prisms of S atoms, with the Si atoms in tetra­hedra. An occupational disorder of the La and Pb centres was refined for one position in the structure. The bicapped trigonal prisms and tetra­hedra share edges. A gap located 2.629 (1) Å from the sulfide anions was found around the coordination polyhedra, which makes La2Pb(SiS4)2 a prospective material in crystal engineering. The Si and one S atom lie on a threefold axis.
PMCID: PMC2855572  PMID: 20203388
2.  Reinvestigation of bis­(2,2′-bipyridine)(nitrato-κ2 O,O′)cobalt(III) hydroxide nitrate tetra­hydrate. Corrigendum 
Corrigendum to Acta Cryst. (2007), E63, m2975–m2976.
The chemical formula in the paper by Wojciechowska & Daszkiewicz [Acta Cryst. (2007), E63, m2975–m2976] is corrected.
PMCID: PMC3011626  PMID: 21589198
3.  Dy8SnS13.61O0.39 from single-crystal data 
Crystals of the title dysprosium tin sulfide oxide, Dy8SnS13S1−xOx [x = 0.39 (4)], were obtained unintentionally from the Dy–Sn–S system. A statistical mixture of sulfur and oxygen was assumed for one position in the structure. S and O atoms surround each of the eight symmetrically non-equivalent dysprosium atoms. The Sn atoms are located in tetra­hedral surroundings of sulfur atoms. Trigonal prisms and tetra­hedra are connected to each other by their edges. All atoms are situated in mirror planes.
PMCID: PMC2914880  PMID: 21200452

Results 1-3 (3)