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1.  Metal Bezoars Causing Upper Gastrointestinal Obstruction in a Schizophrenic 
Metal bezoars are uncommon foreign bodies (FB) in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and comprised of a wide variety of objects. A 17-year-old schizophrenic presented with abdominal pain and distension along with non-bilious vomiting for 2 weeks. Physical examination revealed dullness to percussion in the epigastrium. Plain radiographs revealed objects of metal density contained within a dilated stomach. Laparotomy was performed revealing metal objects in stomach.
Keywords: Metal bezoars, Psychiatric illness, Intestinal obstruction
How to Cite: Siddiqui Z. Metal bezoars causing upper gastrointestinal obstruction in a schizophrenic. APSP J Case Rep 2011; 2:14
PMCID: PMC3418016  PMID: 22953281
2.  Right hypochondrial abscess: A rare consequence of supportive cholecystitis 
Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous abscess is an extremely uncommon complication of acute suppurative cholecystitis. Over the past century very few cases of spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistulas have been described in the medical literature. We, here, report a case of abdominal wall abscess secondary to cholecystocutaneous fistula.
Case report
A 78 -year-old male presented as an emergency with a 2 days history of fever, malaise and a right subcostal mass. CT scan of abdomen showed huge abdominal wall abscess communicating intraabdominally to subhepatic area related to gallbladder.
A high index of suspicion is necessary to diagnose this entity preoperatively and to avoid associated morbidity.
•Elderly diabetic male presented fever, malaise and a right subcostal mass.•Examination revealed 10 × 16 cm tender, erythematous mass palpable over the right upper quadrant.•CT showed large abscess measuring 17.0 × 10.0 × 13.0 cm subcutaneous and intraabdominal component.•Diagnosis of Suppurative cholecystocutneous fistula with abscess formation was made. Cholecystostomy with stone extraction was done.•Take home message: Any swelling should be investigated early and thoroughly for underlying pathology.
PMCID: PMC5154965  PMID: 27994870
Cholelithiasis; Cholecystocutaneous fistula; Right hypochondrial abscess

Results 1-2 (2)