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2.  Yang-Monti Continent Ileovesicostomy: Experience with Three Cases 
Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy has been the method of choice for dealing with urinary incontinence. However, there may be some cases where some alternate conduits have to be used. Yang-Monti ileovesicostomy is an alternative to Mitrofanoff appendicovesicostomy. Three boys who underwent successful Yang-Monti continent ileovesicostomy are reported in this manuscript. In the first case, Mitrofanoff procedure was done for traumatic anorectal and urethral disruption after attempting ureterosigmoidostomy. Later on, on the request of the patient the appendicovesicostomy was excised. The patient presented later with chronic renal failure and bilateral hydroureteronephrosis thus an ileovesicostomy was fashioned. The patient could not be survived due to chronic renal failure related complications. In the second patient with exstrophy of bladder, the ileocecal junction along with appendix had to be resected on account of strangulated inguinal hernia; later on, an ileovesicostomy was performed for small capacity bladder and major degree of vesicoureteric reflux. The third patient with exstrophy of bladder, in whom Mitrofanoff procedure had been performed, presented with stenosis of the appendicovesicostomy. On re-operation the entire channel had disappeared thus necessitated ileovesicostomy. Both of these patients were doing well on follow-up.
PMCID: PMC3418024  PMID: 22953282
Mitrofanoff;  Appendicovesicostomy;  Ileovesicostomy
6.  Isolated mucormycosis in a post-pyeloplasty kidney in an immuno-competent child 
A child with isolated renal mucormycosis who was successfully treated with systemic anti-fungal therapy and nephrectomy is reported.
PMCID: PMC3409905  PMID: 22869983
Amphotericin B; isolated renal mucormycosis; nephrectomy; renal zygomycosis
7.  Heterotopic pancreas causing duodenal obstruction in a patient previously treated for choledochal cyst 
A 9-year-old boy presented with duodenal pancreatic rest causing obstruction and required surgical intervention. He had been treated at the age of 4 months for a choledochal cyst. Both choledochal cyst and heterotopic pancreas are entities that are commonly encountered in children, but the incidental presence of both the entities in the same child, albeit presenting metachronously, is extremely rare.
PMCID: PMC3263040  PMID: 22279366
Duodenal obstruction; gastric outlet obstruction; heterotopic pancreas

Results 1-7 (7)