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2.  Aging and Quality Control of Color LCDs for Radiologic Imaging 
Journal of Digital Imaging  2010;24(5):828-832.
Our practice has long been concerned with the effects of display quality, including color accuracy and matching among paired color displays. Three years of data have been collected on the historical behavior of color stability on our clinical displays. This has permitted an analysis of the color-aging behavior of those displays over that time. The results of that analysis show that all displays tend to yellow over time, but that they do so together. That is, neither the intra- nor inter-display color variances observed at initial deployment diverge over time as measured by a mean radial distance metric in color space (Commission Internationale d’Eclairage L’, u’, v’ 1976). The consequence of this result is that color displays that are matched at deployment tend to remain matched over their lifetime even as they collectively yellow.
PMCID: PMC3180532  PMID: 20978919
Digital display; Diagnostic image quality; Diagnostic display; Monitors

Results 1-2 (2)